How Good Are They? Festival Phenoms Banner Review (Yaten, Natalie, Shinobi) | Dragalia Lost

Hey guys, here’s my review on the Festival Phenoms banner. This non-limited banner features Yaten, Natalie, and Shinobi.
Wyrmprint recommendations are posted as the pinned comment.
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Timestamps and Topics:
00:29 – Yaten
05:51 – Natalie
09:37 – Shinobi

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26 Replies to “How Good Are They? Festival Phenoms Banner Review (Yaten, Natalie, Shinobi) | Dragalia Lost”

  1. @7:00 Natalie's self debuff removal works with both effects. I made it sound like the debuff removal only works when Natalie is below 30% HP.
    I would like to add that I think Natalie > Ieyasu if there are two or more bleeders on the team.

    [Wyrmprint Recommendations]
    These setups are what I'd consider using so don't take any of them as optimal setups. Feel free to share your print setups!

    Yaten –
    General DPS Setups:
    The Shining Overlord + Levin's Champion
    Resounding Rendition + Levin's Champion
    Resounding Rendition + Stellar Show [Force Strike Spams]

    Natalie –
    General DPS Setups:
    The Chocolatiers + Tough Love/Warlust
    Heralds of Hinomoto + Tough Love/Warlust
    Heralds of Hinomoto + Bonds Between Worlds (mainly used for the 25% Skill Prep)
    Heralds of Hinomoto + Worth Rivals (mainly used for the 25% Skill Prep)

    Natalie's prints are a bit tricky since she doesn't really want any prints that requires her to be at high HP.

    Sorry that this vid was a bit late!

  2. There is a print now that gives an energy stack per defense buff. I think its summer paladins. New print, I know, but it could be a viable choice with the 5.3 weapon's defense skill

  3. Isn’t Shinobi conditionally better for Veronica too? She’s very heavily tilted towards skill damage in general, and in the absence of Yaten on the team, an energized low HP Last Offense S1 should hit like the hammer of god.

  4. Yaten's kit would be cool and all . . . if he weren't released alongside the absolutely stellar Shinobi whose presence completely invalidates it.

  5. I was very interested in yaten because I love swords, and shinobi is a skill damage dragon which is awesome. I got both of them with my single summon vouchers. So I can say that this banner was nice to me.

  6. If you use Natalie with tough love and heralds of Hinomoto, use skill 2 and then skill 1 with 5 energy you do crazy damage. I did 74000 to light imperial onslaught with this combo and have used it to complete nightmare shushidai. This combo is broken so I think Natalie is the best damage output character and therefore better than Ieyasu.

  7. tbh I just wanted Yaten cause he was hot. Managed to get him and Natalie and Ninja dragon. Even though I already have Ieyasu. So now II have to make 2 5 star swords if I wanna use both of them on the same team. LMAO

  8. Quick question: I recently got Yaten but I’m now faced with a dilemma. My Shadow Team up til now has been Botan (non-promoted), Curran, Heinwald, and Veronica. I replaced Botan immediately since she’s unpromoted but I realize I’m missing out on bleeding effects. Should I replace Yaten or Curran with Botan (Heinwald and Veronica are both out of the question)? Or should I not use Botan anymore?

  9. Honestly I suggest skipping every banner that isn’t a summer time banner(I’m still thinking it’s gonna be an end of August semi-trap banner). That is because the anniversary is coming in about 2ish 3 months and we may get a banner with all the LT units on it or a Zodiac unit like Ieyasu and the Gala is also coming up in 3 weeks. They’re interesting but regardless of if you have a 5 star dark unit or not you shouldn’t pull as there’ll be more chances upon more important things going on in the next few months.

  10. i know someone who did the calcs for 20% strength and 70% skill damage dragons, and the result it's the reverse of what you said, they are mostly better than the 60% dragons. That's because in most cases characters gets most of their damage from skills, on top of that strength gets diminishing returns way faster than skill damage

  11. i really want to get the dragon but i keep telling myself that i need to save my tickets for future banners since he's not limited.

  12. Decided to do ten single ticket summons and a tenfold and got nothing, and I’m fine with that since I didn’t really need anything here, I just wanted to see if I could get Shinzo I or one of the five stars. Honestly though, even if shinobi is likely better for my ieyasu, I still have Ieyasu with a MUB marishiten and blackwing, so I think I’m good.

  13. I joined the game the last day of the Gala Mym banner. My free 5-star summon was a Xander, and I summoned Hawk the first day as well, along with two Ligers. I did two summons on the dragon banner with Prometheus and Long-Long and got Laviathen. I did 20+ single summons and three X10 summons on the wedding banner and got Sakuya, Simurgh, Pazuzu, and Nidhogg. I earned 2 Yulong's in that event, and used eldwater to 5 star Xuan Zang. I summoned Shinobi in one of my 18 single summons, and nothing in my X10. WHY CAN'T I SUMMON ANY FREAKING ADVENTURERS?!

  14. Shinobi looks cool but I'm still a fan of the straight up str buff dragons better, mostly because of their higher flexibility. Plus it doesn't require that you use skills to get big damage, so if it's hard to get skills off due to positioning or whatever, you still get more str during regular attacks. But that's just what fits my personal play style. Considering I have Marishiten MUB already I don't see any need to get Shinobi, but if I happen to get him in a daily deal or 10 fold down the line then I would still gladly take him.

  15. All of them are pretty solid to pick up eventually. I can still use Veronica, Ieyasu, and Botan (who I’ll promote soon) for the time being.

    I just used my single vouchers and got some eldwater and Silke max unbinded because of the raid infinite grinding.

    Thanks as always!

  16. hey I'm a newer player and I've been struggling to make a 5-star weapon whats any easy way to get 5 star weapons

  17. I wasn't aiming for Natalie specifically but she's the only featured pull I have so far and her damage is pretty great. I tested this by fighting Expert Shishimai by myself without a healer first. Being able to dodge is essential but even without a maxed dragon/weapon or lvl 100 prints I saw her take out 8k-11k damage (depending on buffs or lack of). I think her biggest weakness is being so vulnerable and without heals it's stressful if a lot if going on like for raid fights that have range/AoE attacks. I took Hienwald off my dark team for one match to keep her in the right HP range which is better but it means you really have to be good at dodging and predicting attacks/etc. which is not ideal for new players and even some who just aren't keen with it. With Hienwald (or any healer honestly) I had more room to mess up and once charged up again clean slate brings her right back so in a way it temporarily reduces damage but she can last longer and in a way make her more viable. I don't think a healer with Natalie is a bad thing it just means more focus to build up SP which encourages more damage.

    Build I used:
    Soul Eater Lvl 80
    Mirashiten lvl 85
    Tough Love lvl 60
    Heralds of Hishimoto lvl 100

    I do agree that between her and Ieyasu that Ieyasu is preferred with his amazing damage with stacking Bleed (give him Shinobi and he'll be top tier murderer lol) and he has regen to keep himself alive even if a healer is absent though Natalie is really fun and adds challenge since surviving with that HP drop is key.

    Although this banner units are not limited I still want to try for at least one copy of Shinobi and I wan tYaten just because he looks cool. I couldn;t get any wedding characters so I want to try my luck here though I'm not going to risk all my resources; saving most of it for limited stuff and the anniversary (which to be fair Cygames was so generous during the half year anniversary I doubt they won't be giving out wrymite/tickets like water especially for new players since the reruns are for them). I hope this anniversary has platinum chances and features all characters from the year. That's be on helluva chance.

  18. I'm gonna be honest I hope high jupiter requires a healer cause they need some sort of content that feels they are useful . I'm mainly sayimg this cause I dont feel natalie will be always useful in co op

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