How to deploy node.js applications #1 – spin up a server

This 3-part series covers deployment of nodejs applications.
– You’ll spin up and provision a server on digital ocean
Promo Link for $10 server credits:
– Setup automated deployment
– Then refine the deployment of your app to run as an upstart service

Prerequisite video!
– SSH Tutorial:

What we’re doing in these videos is called automated-deployment. It’s a part of devOps. DevOps is a set of tools/practices that focus on having a streamlined, heavily automated and reliable strategy development, deployment & monitoring of web applications.

We’re going to setup a way to deploy our node app with a single command.

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24 Replies to “How to deploy node.js applications #1 – spin up a server”

  1. Digitalocean is really good site for starting first nodejs app. I tried amazon aws wich was way more difficulty and more expensive to use. And I got free 10$. It's very worth

  2. Man, every time I go to learn something on YouTube, there you are. Your videos are top notch. Thanks for all the efforts.

  3. kinda a misleading videos more like digital ocean promotional video should be more on ground of pure ubuntu hosting and scalling process !

  4. Hi Will! You do amazing things. I love this lessons. Watched all of this twice. Thanks alot! This is very useful. By the way, did you have some experience to use OpenShift cloud for deploy Node.js? I think it is very cool for develop on Node.js.

  5. Hi Will, I really love your tuts. I would like to point out though that Ubuntu is pronounced with the second "u" being like the "u" in "pull" or "puma." When the second u is pronounced the way you have in the past, it changes the meaning of the word from the name of the philosophy to "a man." "uBantu" sounds like "Those man" (sic) while ubuntu is akin to humanism (if directly translated from Xhosa/Zulu- not to be confused with the english word humanism which is a completely different world-view.) Thanks for the great tutorials!

  6. Great video, as usual. Worth mentioning, students can get a free $100 promo code through the education pack of Github.

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