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How To Edit The WordPress Footer | WP Learning Lab

To edit the WordPress footer all you have multiple options available to you.

You can use the WordPress editor, which is what I show you in this video.

You can also edit the footer in the cPanel file manager and via FTP.

No matter which method you use to edit your footer, he trick is open the footer.php file. That is where all the footer content is.

You’ll have to know a bit of PHP to make substantial edits. If you don’t know any PHP it’s not safe for you to be editing the footer.php file. One wrong move in a PHP template file and you’re whole site goes down.

Some WordPress themes give you the ability to edit the footer through the theme options panel. Make sure you check in there first and hopefully you can make the edits you need without editing any code.

Some themes also use widgets to add content to the footer of your site. If you go Appearance, then Widgets you may see widget areas called footer. Add content to the them, save what you’ve done and then see how it affected your site. This may be exactly what you’re looking for.

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40 Replies to “How To Edit The WordPress Footer | WP Learning Lab”

  1. I'm currently using cream blog lite theme and cream blog is the parent theme. How do I edit the default copyright line for this theme? Is there any other method to do it?

  2. For those who cannot make it work, i may have a solution.
    do all the steps, and then go to your page in the wordpress editor, make any modification (change a letter of your logo or any other simple modification in any place) then save the changes, and thats all, that way it should save the changes in server side, it worked for me

  3. I was able to use the page options and figured out how to edit the section but is there a way I can add a link to the to the word after "powered by"?

  4. Hi, Thank you for your videos, i do have a problem my website footer at tablet, not in one line, i mean looks like mobile preview all the columns become down each other, which i don't what this happened for tablet, is there any CSS code i can fix it my website is, hope to hear from you, thank you advance

  5. Hi, is possible to hide wordpress/woocommerce form source code? I used hide plugin but its break my theme and product filter plugin. Is there any other way I can hide the ecommerce platform? How does other online retailer hide their site from source can't tell what ecommerce platform they are using.

  6. "Unable to communicate back with site to check for fatal errors, so the PHP change was reverted. You will need to upload your PHP file change by some other means, such as by using SFTP" what am I doing wrong?

  7. Turns out I didn't need to follow all these steps. Just watching you go to the widgets page helped me figure out my simple fix. Haha. So thanks for the help.

  8. In just few hours, I have learnt so much from you than I would have imagined. Thanks @WordPress Tutorials – WPLearningLab

  9. #WordPress Tutorials – WPLearningLab sir please make video one this theme please sir

  10. Please, how do l fix this error message from Google? — copyrightHolder
    Earn Extra Money Here. All Rights Reserved (The property copyrightHolder is not recognized by Google for an object of type Organization.)

  11. here is my website Can somebody help if anyone out there knows how? I have no footer because i delete the original footer php code now i cant retrieve it back. PLEASE HELP

  12. All I need is a footer credit on my website "SupremeAutoTech | Copyright 2017 | All Rights Reserved" is this too much to ask!? HOW HOW HOW

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