How To FIX Apple iPhone Camera BLACK Screen No Flash But Front Camera Works! 10 17 18

How To FIX Apple iPhone Camera BLACK Screen No Flash But Front Camera Works! 10 17 18

Latest Fix Updated Video:

Problem: Apple iPhone front camera works but rear camera have the black screen with no image and flash doesn’t come on.

Error Message: “Flash is Disabled” – The iPhone needs to cool down before you can use the flash.

Tips & Tricks: This is the only fix on YouTube with different methods.

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22 Replies to “How To FIX Apple iPhone Camera BLACK Screen No Flash But Front Camera Works! 10 17 18”

  1. The flashlight & camera of my iPhone X is not working since the morning, it's updated to the latest software which is currently the iOS 13.3. They work sometimes for a few seconds. Kindly tell me how to fix it. I tried resetting the settings twice and I restarted my phone about 10 times but it still doesn't work.

  2. I dropped my phone and then it went black also flash doesn’t work what should I do, they fixed it previous week for me but will slight tap it will go black again I lost hope

  3. I did everything accept taking off the screen do I really have to do that I don’t want to mess up? Plz help me!

  4. I have a strange case. My cameras don’t work ir I turn them one back and front, the screen stays black and photos won’t be taken but when I open Instagram only the front camera works and photos are well taken yet my back camera wont work either thru this app. I am hoping it’s just a software problem since we all know iOS 13 is a disaster. For the record I haven’t drop my iPhone in months so I guess it’s not a broken hardware piece inside

  5. Disconnecting and connecting the speaker while booting the phone fixed the problem for me. There is absolutely no logic in this, but it did it and now it works perfectly fine. Thanks a lot dude. Btw it's an iPhone 6, that i fixed.

  6. Will your method (speaker way)fix flashlight not working? Or is there flash located elsewhere on the motherboard. My camera works fine front and rear. I'm on iOS 10.3.3

  7. I was charging my phone, then the charger was ringing so I unplug it, and my camera wouldn’t work and my flashlight wouldn’t work

  8. i have an iphone 8 and my flashlight and camera isn’t working. i followed all these steps many times but nothing happened and this problem is so annoying 😕can i get this repaired at a store? how much does it cost?

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