How to Fix Far Cry 4 Game Save Issue 100% Solved

How to Fix Far Cry 4 [PC] Game Save Problem [SOLVED] 100% Working. WORKS on any setup.

Steps To SOLVE The Game Save Problem
1) Copy the game3saved folder the main dir of the Game.
2) Go to the Documents Folder.
3) Create a New Folder and name it has Far Cry 4.
4) Then Go into Far Cry 4 folder and paste the game3saved folder.
That’s it & Enjoy !!!

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16 Replies to “How to Fix Far Cry 4 Game Save Issue 100% Solved”

  1. Lmao I'm a dude with the Nosteam crack, there's two folders called "profile" and "profile.backup" the hell do they do?

  2. You know what I say,since none of the fc4 roots wprked for me,just before you start a game make sure you have a savegame,profile and profile.backup folder in your game directory,randomly download ansave file from the internet and place them in those 3 folders,then youre game will save,oh and make sure youre game is running with admin privilege.

  3. It work. Create one file with name "save3dmgames" to Far Cry 4/bin/here is this file – save3dmgames and two file with name "save3dmgames" to Documents/My Games/Far Cry 4/ here is this file – save3dmgames.
    So that is all Far Cry 4/bin/save3dmgames and Documents/My Games/Far Cry 4/save3dmgames

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