How To Fix iPhone 6 Camera Not Working

iPhone 6 camera not working? Usually we will get the faulty camera replaced. If the camera still cannot be activated after replacing a new camera, what should we do? With this video, REWA LAB demonstrated a high-level logic board repair technique that can help you fix the iPhone camera won’t work problem in an efficient way. Don’t miss the chance to polish your repair skills.

Tools Used:
Hot Air Gun:
Sculpture Knife:
Anti-static Glass Wiper:
Integrated Mobile Phone Repair Platform:
Digital Soldering Iron Rework Station:
Electron Microscope – Type 1(Only for VGA Connector, and for Taking Photos and Making Videos):
Straigt Tweezer – type 3:
Solder Wire:
PCB Holder:
Digital Multimeter:
Apple iPhone 6 Camera Replacement:

REFOX schematics software:

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27 Replies to “How To Fix iPhone 6 Camera Not Working”

  1. Dear REWA,
    My voltage measurements on pin 34 was 0, resistance measurements on every positive pin was OL(open line), what does that mean? Thanks for your attention.

  2. Hey!! Can you pleasee answer my question? My iphone's original back camera isn't working but if I open snapchat and other camera they are working. Can you please just inform me what the issue could be? That will be really kind of you! Thanks

  3. my back camera is working but front camera is not working. i tried have changing the front camera flex but the issue is same plz someone tell solution of it

  4. Great video, but it would be nice to see exactly what you were doing. Like a microscope camera would have helped this out a lot.

  5. Can you please help me? I got an iPhone 6 and the flash light won't work, the back and front cameras won't work either, I replaced the Power button flex (which have the flashlight) and BOTH cameras and still won't work. any ideas of what I can do to make them work? please help me

  6. I dropped my 6s plus this week. Which i thought it was just an lcd. Got it repaired but the problem is: both front and back aren’t working same as the flashlight. Any suggestion?

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