How to Play Yu-Gi-Oh

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If you dream of entering the exciting world of Yu-Gi-Oh, these tips will have you playing like a pro in no time.

Step 1: Study each card
Study each card and become familiar with every monster, spell, and trap in your deck.

Collect booster packs to custom create your own unique deck and tailor it for each duel. The key to a good deck is diversity and balance.

Step 2: Locate an opponent
Locate an opponent to play with, such as a friend or family member.

While you only need two people to play, teams of several players can make each duel more challenging and fun.

Step 3: Shuffle and cut decks
Shuffle and cut each deck and place them face down on the game mat.

Step 4: Flip coin
Flip a coin to decide play order. The winner can choose to either receive or challenge.

Step 5: Draw and duel
Draw your first five cards and begin the duel by placing the cards face up and deciding a winner based on the card’s information.

Since the number of possible play combinations can number into the thousands, an official rulebook may be needed for beginners.

Step 6: Determine winner
Determine the winner by scoring backwards from 8,000 for each player. The loser is the first to reach zero points or run out of cards.

Did You Know?
The comic book Yu-Gi-Oh! began as a regular feature in the magazine Shonen Jump in 1996.


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35 Replies to “How to Play Yu-Gi-Oh”

  1. In this video we will not mention:
    Link Monsters
    Pendulum monsters
    Fusion pendulum monsters
    Fusion monsters
    Xyz monsters
    And logic
    Optional: MR4

  2. i'm just watching this because i got a stack of cards (don't ask how) an was just like:

    "what do you expect me to do with these??"
    here i am now
    watching this video

  3. How to play Yu-Gi-Oh! Dual Monsters
    Step 1: find someone to dual
    Step 3: play a powerful monster in attack mode
    Step 4: attack on your first turn
    Step 5: screw the rules
    Step 6: if your Yugi then you automatically win
    Step 7: make a long and none-reasonably speech about dualing and friendship

    Now you know how to play Yu-Gi-Oh!

  4. Oh, so i need a deck and an opponent with a deck to play yugioh. Thank you very much for this lesson😉😉😉👍👍👍

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