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36 Replies to “How to Restore Skins on Cracked Minecraft Servers – Minecraft Java”

  1. Hello, im not sure if you're still replying to comments anymore but, I was wondering how you get to your servers control panel thingo, sorry I have trouble with things like this, if you dont know then Ill just find a work around 🙂

  2. This might be a dumb question but, is there a way for premium players to see your cracked skin on a server that isn't yours?

  3. Still not working for me. I can't see my skins but my friends tell me they can see my skin but can't see my cape. And yes, i have a premium account and a bought cape.

  4. Oh hello ! When I wanted to start a MC server, I used your site! It was one of the best sites I've used in the past. My server is currently hosted on but I was really satisfied with your hosting. Thx for this helpful tutorial. I have one question though. Can you host Paper Spigot server that is using version 1.14.4?

  5. Hey! I have a question. I can't check right now that's why i'm asking. Does outer layers of skins works with plugin? Because skins have body and outer layers f.e. for clothes for skin. I'm really curious if the outer layers works. Thanks in advance.

  6. What's my problem is, The Citizens NPC's skins only works on online mode set to true, If I disabled it, The skins wont appear. I hope you reply even its 2 years ago :D…

  7. Nice. This is actually very useful tutorial, and very easy to reproduce even on different hostings, or (if you are running server on your own machine) manually on localhost, too. I am planning to actually make one of my older computer a gaming server, so it will actually continue running 24h/7d in week, BungeeCord server. But I have to first make some upgrades to it. I need to replace motherboard, because it requires better CPU actually (64bit to be exact, doesn't have to be i7 or i5, since Minecraft server runs only on a single thread, i.e. single core, a single core CPU would be enough, but it has to be 64bit in order to make it working – I am planning to use it also for Discord bot server, so at least quad core CPU would be nice – with current motherboard, LGA 775 socket, it supports up to Core2Duo, which is the best CPU I can place it there, 32bit, unfortunately. This doesn't meet the requirements for Minecraft Java Edition, the Spigot server. It will be running Linux Server 64bit. I also want to upgrade the storage, because it has some rather small capacity. I need at least 1/2 TB (500 GB), 1 TB would be more than enough. I'll also upgrade RAM to like 8 GB, because it will require quite some amount for that. I also have to install LAMP server, because I need MySQL database (which is MariaDB, actually, but it's an exact clone of MySQL standards, so it's actually compatible with original MySQL database software) for the Discord bots. Speaking ot that, I'll make some websites for the server as well. All this is planned way ahead, with purchase of 2nd level domain for my main websites, which are now on a free webhosting on a 3rd level domain. The 2nd level domain will allow me to join the Minecraft server to my websites, share the domain. But first, I need to do some testing before I can make that happen…

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