How to Spot a Fake Chanel Mascara (sublime de chanel mascara)

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This is another episode of “How to spot fake makeup product” series, and today it’s about fake Chanel makeup. Today I’ll show you how to recognize real and fake chanel mascara.
How to Spot a Fake Chanel Mascara (sublime de chanel mascara) and also a little chit-chat about fake makeup products and the hate and critic comments i lately received “Haters gonna hate” style .
So i really enjoy reading hate comments on my channel, but when the limit between hate and foolishness is crossed i can’t take it anymore lol. But let’s be honest – i love my haters ♥
More tutorials here: How to spot a fake beauty product ♥

How to spot fake Channel Mascara –
Sublime de Chanel Infinite Length and Curl Mascara
A mascara that lengthens and curls lashes. Coated with intense colour, they give eyes a wide-open look.
The perfect union of the patented brush and formula provides an intense lengthening effect:
– The exclusive two-tone “Stretch Bi-Injection” brush creates a 2-in-1 effect with simple and precise application:
• The 360 flexible black fibres lengthen lashes and coat them perfectly.
• The 4 rows of white combs separate, control and curl lashes.
– The formula protects lashes and offers adjustable makeup.

I got a lot of questions about my “i do makeup” necklace so here where i bought it:

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47 Replies to “How to Spot a Fake Chanel Mascara (sublime de chanel mascara)”

  1. Omg what the hell is that transparent liquid dripping off the "original" mascara!? Is it just me who saw that!?
    At 4:34 !! Wtf

  2. I have the real one,but I dont really use it,bc I dont like it its rlly so shitty…
    p.s. If u can pls do Naked 3 pallete spot

  3. this is a Polish site almost like Ebay and there are some fake products like this one… but I never had a chance to buy a fake one, always had original. Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation from a woman that used it once for her wedding and send it to me with everything original,package and so. Also some creams and BB creams from Korea.Face maskes. Now I want some mascaras and a beauty blender so I'm really careful and looking in the pictures very well to see if it's fake or not,also checking the names of the products and compare on google or original websites.

  4. good to know, I was looking on the official website of chanel of all mascaras and there where some mascaras which wherent even close to those on the chanel website… could you make a video about the mascaras from Dior? there where some in "gold" version to buy said there where limited but I don't belive in that beacause I often go to Douglas and Sephora and never saw that kind of packages I also was working in douglas for a short time more than a year ago and I know what kind of products where then,I don't know if they made new ones since I dont work in Douglas any more…

  5. jesus christ, I just saw a video of review of chanel sublime and I was watching this video and the girl had different brush! So i was like WTF I bought a fake one in the airport duty free shop???? ANd now I see your video and it trurn mine is real and the poor girl reviewd a fake one :(((((( ???

  6. Thank You so much for Letting Us Know about the fake Makeup I Really appreciate it! Great video, ((Hugs))♥👸♥

  7. הייש מהממת!
    רציתי לדעת מתי את מכריזה על ההגרלה♥?
    כי אמרת ב17 אבל מתי?

  8. this mascara is divine and the real brush is simply amazing, tottaly worth the splurge 🙂 get the real one girls and you wont regret it

  9. לא נורא הכי חשוב לימודים לא אכפת לי מתי תעלי אבל סתם שתדעי התגעגתי

  10. Привет,мне очень нравятся твои видео.Немногие так интересно рассказывают.Можешь снять видео 10 фактов обо мне?Реально,ты оооочень классная☺☺☺

  11. Love your channel just started my own channel and would love if you could check it out! I am also doing a bath and body works giveaway! Sub for Sub 🙂

  12. First of all those people saying hate about this series is stupid! because I know what your vids are wanna help want them to know how to make sure if they're buyin the real ones..oh my gosh dont mind them..they might just be envious of what your doin ahahhaa they wanna do it but they cant thats why they hate lmao

  13. Oh my God I really really didn't know there are even Fake Chanel ;-( anyways whateves..the real ones are really good quality so it's up to the people if they wanna use knock offs…

  14. Great video! Hater's gotta hate.. So annoying!! And I don't understand why people "must" comment bad stuff :/ LOVING your necklace.. OMG!!! <3 And also your lipstick.. What is it? <3

  15. Oh wow its crazy how companies fake products! also we all need haters on here the boost viewers and the boost your strength 🙂

  16. ולנטיין היי,
    וואי איזה נהדרת את שאת פשוט עוזרת לנו לא לקנות זיוף ❤
    וגם רציתי לשאול מתי את מכריזה את הזוכה?💋

  17. I always enjoy you showing us how to spot a fake product! I believe it's very helpful and agree that fake products are dangerous due to ingredients and lack of regulations when the products are made. Thank you beautiful! xoxo

  18. Don't worry gurl. Fuck those haters. You do what you like 🙂 We all get hate comments! Wait til you go to some of my tech videos and people start blaming me for the problems they encounter because they don't know how to follow directions properly. Anyway, you go girl 😉

  19. How can they say like that? So rude! Just ignore that negative people. This is a good info to let people know how to detect fake products. Good job doll!

  20. I've never understood hate comments but it's prob cuz my brain doesn't process that way! I think they get off on "thinking" they cause misery.. Cause Misery Loves Company! Anyways Great Comparison and Yes Don't Buy unless it's a Reputable Place!! It's your Freaking Face..:)

  21. ולנטיין..את מדהימה!! וכל מי שאומר לך את זה הוא טיפש וכנראה שלא מבין אנגלית.. את מדהימה והם לא מבינים שאת עושה את זה כדי לעזור לנו. אהה וסרטון מושלם כמו תמידxoxo looove u

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