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33 Replies to “How To Use A Beacon! ▫ The Minecraft Survival Guide (Tutorial Lets Play) [Part 54]”

  1. spent HOURS farming withers in the Nether to get my skulls for the wither to get my beacon and the game didn't give me the achievement for crafting and placing a beacon 🙁

  2. Pixlriffs at 1:03 "It is safer to pick beacon without using any kind of tool..
    Also pixlriffs at 5:05 Breaking it with pickaxe 😂😂😂

  3. Just in case you needed to know, you would need 16 (and a little bit) stacks of iron, gold, diamonds or emeralds ingots to make the full powered beacon

  4. I finally beat the wither in minecraft but it didn't drop any wither roses is this normal? Anyhow I got the wither star so I made a beacon for the first time ever and I am now rewatching this guide to make a beacon.

  5. so, i´ve been landing the same way as you all the time without noticing. All my other friends are landing while spinning around… damn i feel connection

  6. i wish you could change the beacons path to horizontal so that you can mine within the path of the power ups. it really is useless to me for mining since the radius around it is so short, i dont need this thing to work up into the sky.

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