How To Wander with No Leg – Kenshi Gameplay #2

Kenshi Gameplay Impressions with Splat! Let’s Play Kenshi and check out a post apocalyptic samurai RPG where you’ll traverse the wastes while filling the sandbox with your creations!

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25 Replies to “How To Wander with No Leg – Kenshi Gameplay #2”

  1. Even though I've got 102 hours on this game under my belt, I still have LOTS of things to learn, explore, and do. It's the best game I've played so far, way better than many AAA releases out there!

  2. "That means you owe the universe blood." Ahahahaha! Man, gotta love Splat. It would be awesome to see more of Kenshi!!

  3. are there a bunch of mosquitoes or something in this game? on headphones it sounds like theres mosquitoes zipping around my head

  4. Give ruka an onehand weapon in case one of his arm is damaged so he can attack with that and not with fist (that larg weapon and a onehand weapon as secondary).

  5. If you want to even the odds you can take the weapons of downed enemies and just throw on the ground. They won't pick it up. You can also move their armor to their inventory and they will fight naked if they get up. 😁

  6. It's funny, but I never spend time mining at the start of the game. I'll only mine if I want to train strength (by hauling around a backpack full of iron ore) or need it for building stuff.

    However, I've played the game enough to know where the loot is. And I know where the people are with valuable weapons and armor, too. You can draw starving bandits back to town guards all day long without making any money, because they don't have anything. (That's why they're starving.) But in the desert, for example, you can find two groups of people fighting each other, and whichever side wins, the bodies left behind actually have stuff worth stealing. 🙂

    PS. You be nice to those Shinobi Thieves! One wandering assassin saved my entire squad one time from blood spiders. It nearly killed him, but he did it. (We were allies at the time. I always ally with the Shinobi Thieves the first chance I get.) I had ten people, but we were all noobs. Those blood spiders would have eaten us alive. Instead, they nearly ate the Shinobi assassin. Every part of his body came close to being destroyed, but he lived (because we healed him up afterwards), and he didn't even lose a limb.

    PPS. Don't take a dog with you inside a bar or other building (one that's not your own building, I mean). If they get hungry and grab some food off a table or something, that's stealing and your whole squad will be attacked. (At least, it used to be that way. I wouldn't risk it, myself.)

  7. I've been playing a single-character game as a martial artist, and I was so worried that I'd lose a leg and have to crawl across Kenshi, that I bought a couple of legs and started carrying them with me everywhere I went. (I carried two thieves backpacks, as well.)

    After awhile, I upgraded them to some super-expensive high-tech legs. I almost wanted to lose a limb. But I never did. A martial artists gets very OP, especially with good armor. But I'm still carrying those legs everywhere, just in case. 🙂

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