Huge 1KG Copper Coin Casting – Cable To Coin – Molten Copper

Today ill be melting some scrap Copper into some cool things including 2 huge coins 1 was a fail so i made another 1.
This video is part of a challenge with VegOilGuy & ArtByAdrock check their vids out in the links below.

I have a PO box address below in case anyone wants to send a letter or anything 😬👍🏻.

D Heighway
P O Box 490
Bunbury 6231
WA , Australia




Petrobond sand bought from my Good Mate Bruce he is located in Australia and sells petrobond to Australian Casters his link here.

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Forge supplied by my friends over at Devil-Forge , They sell a huge selection of forges , Furnaces , burners and even an the most awesome 5 burner sword blacksmiths furnace on the internet.


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Huge 1KG Copper Coin Casting – Cable To Coin – Molten Copper


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32 Replies to “Huge 1KG Copper Coin Casting – Cable To Coin – Molten Copper”

  1. Hey guys if your interested in 5% off a Devil-Forge Furnace email me for your unique code on👌🏻😁

  2. Why don’t you burn and disfigure yourself like other YouTube casters do? Just have to be different. LoL. Good job mate.

  3. I fucking love melting copper. Silver and gold are next, but there's always more copper to melt, and it's so fucking beautiful.
    Plus I was a fucking sailor, that's why I fucking fuck so fucking much.
    Great fucking work mate!

  4. Надо делать
    Свинцовые кнопки ютуба
    Алюминевый кнопки
    И медные
    А птом уже

  5. Hehehehehe i saw your treasure 😀 you are so clever .. You make coins with excess material .. The original wealth is Cooper steel Iron Bronze Gold and all types of expensive metals … 😀
    Buy Gold with your excess money and make coins with excess metals stay happy 😀. Do you need a labour or helper then it is my duty to let you know that i am jobless you can offer me a job ☺

  6. you could cut the cost of fuel entirely if you switch from gas to convection forging
    the youtube channel TAOW has excellent videos on custom biulding your own setup with a pit conttroller for round 200$

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