I followed Jungkook's workout routine for a week // getting fit with yoora season 1 ep 1

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Background music (a whole lot of EDM lol)
+ Music by Hamster – Shining Through –
+ Music by Elli Moore – Gateway –
+ Music by MYSM – Honeymoon At The Holiday Inn –
+ Music by Animus Volt – I Was Here –
A lot of the songs are from Ikson:
+ Ikson – Paradise
+ Ikson – Last Summer
+ Ikson – Rays
+ Ikson – All Night
+ Ikson – Take Off
+ Ikson – Wanna
+ Ikson – Harmony
+ Ikson – Voyage
+ Ikson – Heaven
+ Ikson – New Day

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45 Replies to “I followed Jungkook's workout routine for a week // getting fit with yoora season 1 ep 1”

  1. Yo estoy empezando con esta rutina de ejercicios

    Dios, al segundo día duele re harto los brazos y las piernas.
    No es recomendable que alguien que no tenga condición física haga esta rutina.
    Lo digo por experiencia :'v
    Pero aun así no me voy a rendir, voy a seguir haciendo esta rutina!!<3

  2. BTS is inspiring us in many ways.. Love them with my whole heart. Carry on with your workout routine n show us when you get remarkable result good luck girl fighting. You're lucky that u r korean. International Army r keep struggling to get BTS’s concert tickets n meet them in fan meeting.

  3. i've been doing it everyday for 3 weeks so far and it's the best workout ever
    i've lost 6 cm off my waist after a week and 2,5 cm off my thighs

  4. It does not get easier because your body has to get used to the routine, you had to do a day if and not one for a week at least and then spend the whole week

    you're just overloading your body

  5. رح صير أحضر هاد الفيديو لألعب رياضة الي انذكرت فيه و أضحك عليكي أوني😂⁦❤️⁩⁦💜
    أعجبني الفيديو كثيراً😂💜👍 فايتينغ✊💜

    Nice i like it the video••
    I'm Arab ARMY , from Palestine 🇵🇸♥️
    I love BTS so much 💜 and Tae is my bais ❤️❤️
    Lovely ARMY 💜💙💚💛🧡❤️
    (I am a new subscriber in the channel⁦••💜)

    언젠가 한국에 가서 BTS를 만나고 싶습니다💜💜

  6. I wonder if this is their real work out though. This is a very basic and simple work out that most people use as a warm up or "off day" workout.

  7. Your push ups were good! If you cant do a proper push up, start with the "girl push ups" by having your knees bent like you did. If those are too much, you can start with push ups off a counter or other sturdy surface. I would recommend doing extra push ups if you do it this way so you get the same effect

  8. I did the full jump squats but on the last one I landed wrong and ended up hurting my knee (due to the fact that I dislocated it about 2 years ago and because I’m over weight lmao ) but I continued it because I found it fun for some reason lol. I decided to not do the mountain climbers and burpees because I didn’t want to hurt my knee even more

  9. I've started
    ☑️Day1. It's so hard
    ☑️Day 2. All my body hurts me
    ☑️Day 3
    ☑️Day 4. My legs 😩
    ☑️Day 5
    ☑️Day 6
    ⬜Day 7

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