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26 Replies to “Iphone 6 plus both of two camera not working solutions”

  1. jump solution for cam but problem for battery and power management.. drain fast battery.. this is not right solution..

  2. the main source is 4v (VCC_MAIN) (A1) so if you make a jumper on it from A1 to A2 you should check the output voltage required in A2 and that is 2.84volt how come if you put a jumper? it destroys your rear camera

  3. gud day cant i apply this solution on my iphone6s plus i have the same problem may front and rear camera are not working (blackscreen) and my flash are not working too.. so cant i apply this solution to my problem thanks and more power to your channel..

  4. can i ask you something? At My iphone 6 i have replace lcd screen and wifi antenna after a broken screen that i have .
    sometimes camera app black screen both cameras no flashlight-torch . Sometimes it opened normally i can switch both camera make FaceTime calls make a video 2-5-10 minutes and if i reboot device and try to open again camera app i see black screen . Is it possible the camera IC ?you think i can make the jumper?.thank you!!

  5. chào bạn, tôi đã thực hiện toàn bộ thủ tục a1 cầu và a2 nhưng vẫn không hoạt động cả hai máy ảnh, tôi đã 4 vol chính xác nhưng 1.7vol đầu ra, có thể là một vấn đề?

  6. i replaced the motherboard and then the front camera stopped working. it only shows a black screen. everything else is working fine. any idea whats wrong?

  7. I have iPhone 6, i changed bad lcd, and rear CAM. But them both CAM only showed a black screen, so i tried to update to ios10, but phone is stucked at 80% giving me error 56, i didnt make a backup, but im thinking  the problem is due to the CAM problem, so My question is, can i make this jumper, and IF that was the Fault Will i get rid Of the error code 56 or do i need to replace the ic chip to get rid of the error code?? Thanx / /. Sweden

  8. Hello, thanks for your video. My iPhone 6 plus has same issue, both cameras AND FLASH LED not working…, this fix repair cameras and led light?, or led light is other issue?. Thanks!!.

  9. Hi sir i have issue with ZXW DONGLE i purchase it from aliexpress but there is no any cd or software link i try to visit official site but unable to download it if posible please send me the software for it Thank you

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