iPhone 6 Plus Rear Camera Replacement in 3 Minutes

Awesome little Smart Phone Tool Kit on Amazon:
Get the rear camera HERE:

If you need to replace your CAMERA LENS watch this:

This video is for all the people who end up with broken cameras. Whether from a drop, or water damage, this video will help you get your camera back in working order. Or just replaced altogether!

If your camera has specks in it, or dust, make sure to clean out the lens under the camera itself before you put the new camera on. If you have any questions be sure to leave them in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe!

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50 Replies to “iPhone 6 Plus Rear Camera Replacement in 3 Minutes”

  1. Cheers mate just replaced my camera saved me a whole load of ££ doing it myself from watching your videos. Keep up the good work mate👍

  2. My Iphone 6s camera is obsolete for me. Can I upgrade it by replacing the camera for a better one? or the system will litmit its quality?

  3. My camera is completely black on both rear and front camera, my flash won’t work either. It’s been like that ever since I repaired the screen, what parts should I buy to replace them??

  4. Mission accomplished! £14 for the camera, £2 for a cheapo iPhone screwdriver pack of ebay. All sorted. Thanks so much for this video!

  5. these trash people try to make a quick "3min" video without telling people to disconnect battery, i was trying to save money to repair myself, i got the camera to work but because of the missed step of disconnecting the battery i ended up with a partially fried backlight fuse 1 of 2. i cant believe trash people like this get to make these short quick bs videos and screw people over on youtube and im not the only one. Look at comments. Sure you can say we are noobs but i argue this is my first time and i thought these guys were legit.

  6. Super old questions and fix, I know. But having JUST dropped my iPhone out of my car door and has it run over a couple of times… I need your expertise! The screen is flawless and the cover I had over that clearly did its job, but at lease one or two cars managed go roll straight across the corner and my camera is dead. No obvious crack or Lens damage, but only black screen chows when trying to operate the camera in either front-facing or selfies mode. My questions for you:

    Can I fix this myself?
    Should I spend way too much to have Apple fix it?
    Should I see if my warranty covers such idiocy.
    Or should I suffer life without a camera I almost use daily??

  7. It works…..scared as hell, but I followed the video step by step and it came out just fine. Thank you. Suggestion for anyone doing this…..Good lighting and if you have vision problems and can't see tiny tiny things…..I'd get some sort of magnifier or not try….you drop a screw,….it's gone, especially if you have carpet.

  8. Great Video I'm 73 Years old & replace camera on my iphone 6+. Only had a few problems.1. Forgot where each size screw went. 2. Size of screws was problem for old man,took 30 minutes & should have taken about 15.

  9. This saved me so much money. My phone was just out of warranty and this video showed me how to replace my camera for a fraction of the cost!

  10. sir i have iphone 6 plus its flash not working after changing batry but camera works but flash no working plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give me answer

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