Isaac Lindenberger 4 of 6

Part 4 of 6 MMR and Fraud, Wakefield, fetal cells, Mumps failure

Isaac Lindenberger explains why he chose to get vaccinated.
This is a very controversial topic. I have chosen to cover it because I have been talking with Isaac for several months now and while I do not agree with his decision, I like Isaac and consider him a friend. In this video I try to get to the bottom of WHY he chose to get vaccinated and make his decision public despite his criticism of the actions of his younger brother Ethan. We will discuss why he did it, which vaccines he got, the ingredients and possible adverse reactions, whether or not he feels he got true informed consent, whether he has any regrets, and YES I will ask him if anyone influenced his choice, financially or otherwise.
Please drop your questions in the comments but I do ask that you be respectful towards Isaac and his mother. I will be specifically asking him about his mom, and whether he thinks it was right to humiliate her by going public with his choice.

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IPOL Polio

MENACTRA Meningitis

VARIVAX Chicken Pox



Merck Whistleblower Merck MMR Lawsuit​

Mumps Outbreaks:

Andrew Wakefield​
Lancet Study

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ACIP Hepaslav-B Approval Video:

Full clip from The HighWire with Del Bigtree​ episode 124 with Del Bigtree​ commentary:
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