King of Kings – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind Episode 37 Anime Review

Just when you think you know true power incomes a new addition to the main crew’s Stands, and I’m nothing less than impressed at where the endgame is heading.
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25 Replies to “King of Kings – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Golden Wind Episode 37 Anime Review”

  1. Anyone who Slanders Part 5 of Jojo's…….

    "Will Never Reach Reality!"


  2. This episode was absolutely amazing – Golden Experience Reqium is a truly powerful stand and I loved the reality warping animation. Conceptually the metaphysical aspects at play were deep, rich and truly showcased the power of the source material, combined with the painstaking beauty and dedicated passion exhibited by David Productions.

    I've loved all the JoJo series but I have to say that, so far, this is hands down the best. 😍🙌🏾🔥

  3. I love the way they use the clouds and just the absolute insanity after silver chariot dies, my expectations from the manga have been blown

  4. ………………………..
    The. Best. Episode. Of. JoJo. Ever. Jesus Christ, that was phenomenal. I knew it will be great, but didn't expect THIS. The production of this episode is GLORIOUS. It elevated already fantastic writing to the apex of the world. King of Kings Requiem.
    I love this title. King of Kings not only sounds epic, but the way it works with the themes of this arc is just… bellissimo.
    Bruno's departure made me cry like a little girl every time I've read it, but in the anime it bizarrely didn't. I think that's because we've had a lot more time to accept that it's going to happen, and now it's more of a relief that best boy can finally rest. He accomplished what he set out to do. He made sure Diavolo will never get to the top again and passed the torch to Giorno. He can finally rest after so many years of slowly dying on the inside, trapped by his fate. Arrivederci, our Capo, your actions will never be forgotten.
    And on the opposite side of him stands Diavolo. This episode shows my favorite aspect of his character. Despite how intimidating he was throughout the entire series, when you really break him down he is… absolutely pathetic. In this episode he BEGS Bruno not to destroy Chariot Requiem. Not a single character in this Part had begged. Not a single one. Except for Diavolo. His proud facade had crumbled and all that left is a coward, who's trying to cover his insecurities using god complex and megalomaniacal ambitions. He is ready to run away once Giorno gets ahold of the Arrow, but doesn't because it will make him look bad. Running away will completely destroy any semblances of pride he has left. At that point he had already lost. All that was left to do was simply destroy him physically.
    And that's where Gold Experience Requiem comes into play. I can't believe I can actually mention this name to an anime-only without spoiling him. Feels so surreal, as if at any moment I could wake up and realize that it was all a dream. Speaking of surreal. Visual presentation of GER's ability was amazing. I loved it in the manga, but the way anime showed it? Holy hell. It feels like something that human mind simply cannot process. Reality itself bends to its will. This is the strongest Stand in all of canon JoJo. It's one of the strongest abilities in fiction. Goku? Saitama? Get out, you're less than an ant in front of this ability. No one besides you can control their actions in the erased time? Your predictions are 100% fated to happen and it shows that Giorno is going to die? Cute. This ability is SOOOOO important thematically. And for the longest time it was called a Deus Ex Machina. Blatant misuse of the term aside, here is why it was the only way to defeat Diavolo.
    Golden Wind's central theme is fate. All characters are trapped within their destiny. And that's why Mafia setting is so important. Passione is the metaphor of fate. Bruno was trapped within it since he was twelve, with no way out, while his heart was dying a slow death. And who stands at the top of this organization? A person whose ability is literally turning everyone into a sleeping slave of fate. Araki could've written a way for characters to outwit Diavolo and kill him. But that is not what story needed. It needed Giorno to completely annihilate and reverse King Crimson's oppression. It needed Gold Experience Requiem. We'll talk a little bit more about fate in Golden Wind in the last episode, but for now that's it.
    I am not ready for this journey to end. So I am glad I have three weeks to prepare myself for this finale. You are going to love it.

  5. Bruno's death was spectacular. Even in death he gave everyone a chance and led Giorno to the arrow and helped us. His death. The only words I have are "Take a good look, there goes a champion"

  6. Diavolo: Want arrow
    Polnareff: For becoming god?
    Diavolo: yeees
    Diavolo: *Actually loses the arrow and dies like a mafia boss*
    R O U N D S T O N E T I M E

  7. I'm glad you caught on to what Gold Experience Requiem specifically does. Lots of people just end it at "he reverse time", but in reality he negates processes from ever being completed.
    King Crimson removes the cause and leaves the effect, GER removes the effect and leaves the cause. Gotta love how Araki always draws those parallels between hero and villain.

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