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47 Replies to “Kiss Bang Love- | Episode 4 | Chad Tupper as a host”

  1. The comments on ‘’ we can see your tattoos, no need to play with your shirts ‘’ is completely stupide ‘’ this girl think she should be ruling the world ‘’

  2. As soon as her and D kissed it was like a movie kiss like a spark, hes so cute wonder if they ended up together til today

  3. I really love the 22 year old virgin he had such a nice personality I also love nervous people because I understand them I hope he finds someone ❤️

  4. She was supposed to be honest ! So why did she lie and tell Dan hes a good singer? He sucks😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. I think that Dan and her would not have been good together! I think D is alot better for her! I also think Dan is kinda ugly, his hair was cringe!!

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