Kotlin YouTube: OnClickListener to Start Activity with Intent (Ep 4)

Episode 3:

With our RecyclerView almost full designed out, we’re now ready to allow for clickability on our list items. To do this, it’ll require us to use setOnClickListener inside of our CustomViewHolder class. The behavior we are trying to achieve is to start a new Activity page using an Intent object. Let’s go ahead and implement this right now. Enjoy.

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35 Replies to “Kotlin YouTube: OnClickListener to Start Activity with Intent (Ep 4)”

  1. OMG so thank you for your video,
    I am currently working on a project with company to develop an android app for them in Kotlin which is new to me and got stuck here but you are a lifesaver 😉
    I was trying to change fragment inside adapter but seems not necessary, so decide to use activity instead and this video just solved that problem, BOOM ! Thanks !

  2. I was stuck for hours because I didn't know about referencing the custom view holder when starting the new activity. Every time I would try 'startActivity(targetIntent)', I would get a type mismatch error.

    By simply adding 'view.context.' to my startActivity call, it works! Thank you so much for your work, you're a life saver. 😀

  3. Hi Brian, I'm just curious about this… in Swift your practice is really beautiful and structured but here I noticed that you push or add another activity inside an adapter rather than doing it on the activity it self. So my question is, "Is that the efficient way or structure? or any explanation about it?" Sorry, I hope you got my question 🙂

    BTW i'm really a fan of your channel, I really like how concise you're when doing the tutorials under 30mins. It's really fruitful and I hope you don't get tired of doing this :D:D:D

  4. Dude, you're a life saver! These tutorials gave me an incredibly easy introduction to developing with Android using Kotlin! I'm off to Episode 5

  5. Hello! in the model that you show as a base to develop the course, in the navbar you have a search engine, but I can not find where you explain it within the six videos … that you teach it to do? Thank you!!!

  6. Huge fan of your work with Kotlin. I was wondering, will there be a chance to continue this series? To make some simple apps that will use SQLite, or Google Firebase or have the ability to store user location on the phone, etc? I'm asking because you're breaking down even the heaviest topics on this in such easy way. Nevertheless, great work on this so far 🙂

  7. hey, could you do a video on common gesture listeners… y'know, onClick, onSwipe (which I think is drag in Kotlin) etc?
    I was hoping I could adapt this video for swiping but I'm having no luck :(….. and it seems nobody has asked about this on stack overflow yet 0.o

  8. Would it be better in creating the activity from scratch such as creating the layout, adding it to the manifest file, etc or just using the File –> New –> Activity –> Empty Activity to create these things and tie them together for you.
    Is there a difference in which one would rather approach in creating a new Activity?

    I would normally do the second one when creating my applications in Java, although i'm assuming you do it for more control of your application?

  9. Can you please demonstrate how to build custom camera in swift 3 I have already created one but it support only one orientation not like the system camera , if take picture on any other orientation image will saved differently not exactly like IOS camera does. I have Read about CMDevice motion but i couldn't able to figure it out. Iam not comment it on globally sorry.

  10. I had zero experience with Kotlin before watching these videos! You make it so easy to learn! Thanks for the high-quality videos <3

  11. Please continue popular apps clones using Swift iOS. Is kotlin better than Swift that y ur switching or
    focusing more on kotlin ??

  12. Hi Brian, I recently accepted an offer for a fortune 500 company and I'm starting in two weeks. This is my second SE job but my previous company was nowhere near as big. I have a CS degree, but I want to make sure I'm up to scratch when I start my new job so I can hit the ground running. I'm going through an Algorithms textbook at the moment – what else can I do to prepare myself? Love your helpful videos. Cheers and happy holidays.

  13. Hi Brian i want to buy some of your courses outside of USA.We cant use Paypal here and i see that there is an option to pay through your web site via credit card but how secure is your web site?is all my credit card info saved if i purchase by credit card?also is it okay if i just type a random zip code?because i am not from usa

  14. Hi
    I am interested to learn all programming language including (python) so plz guide me. What should I do to learn that language es

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