Legendary Julia Review (Virtuous Naga & Light and Dark) | Legendary Banner Aug. 28th, 2019

Legendary Julia is here with Virtuous Naga in hand as well as having Mythic Naga and the daughter of Naga on this Legendary Banner too.

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23 Replies to “Legendary Julia Review (Virtuous Naga & Light and Dark) | Legendary Banner Aug. 28th, 2019”

  1. If you haven’t seen the newest Update 3.9 announcement we got some crazy news. Coming is a new mode/feature called the Heroes’ Path and by completing quests you can earn a free copy of The Reinhardt, Ninian, Mage Eirika, and Brave Ike. Three 5* locked units and one of the best units in the entire game for those who never summoned him. Also, we are getting refines for the CYL 1 Heroes. I can only pray Brave Lyn doesn’t get too much crazier.

  2. I got Legendary Julia as my free summons and ended this banner.
    Just didn't have any orbs saved but I got something out of the banner so I call this a win 🤷‍♂️

  3. I just noticed something…

    Are we not getting a new dancers banner? Last year was Festival in Hoshido, there should've been a tease in twitter or a trailer right about now since festival in hoshido is about to end in 8 days.

  4. L!Julia's stats: 40 HP, 39 Atk (Superboon), 28 Spd, 19 Def, 36 Res. +Atk Julia has 43 Atk as base and 60 Atk w/ Virtuous Naga, making her the highest Atk mage in the game (sorry, Hubert). Her BST is 162, with a Level 1 total of 47 (+1 over Gen 3 Infantry Mages) and growth total of 265% (+10% over Gen 3 Infantry Mages). I guess Gen 4 really is upon us… I thought it was just CYL and Sigrun for some reason.

    Free summoned best fox boy (+1!). Need Julia.

  5. I love this banner cause it’s the first time I’m lucky on one of these legendary heroes banners. Got L!Ike L!Roy and L!Julia in one pull with Naga in the previous one lol

  6. Sacred Spear. I have a suggestion. For the skill inheritance chart whenever a skill is both rare and good can you have both colors of purple and yellow to fill up that box.

    For example using HS!Elise Atk Feint is a rare skill but is not really a good skill so it would stay as Yellow. Meanwhile Red Hot Ducks is both a rare and a good skill so can actually have both colors of Purple and yellow.

    This way newer players don't make the mistake of inheriting relatively bad skills onto units and regret their decision. Since newer players are more likely to believe that rare = good. When that is not always the case.

  7. When are we going to get a cancel dragon effectiveness shield already? It needs to hurry so that it can eventually become a sacred seal eventually too!

  8. I like dragon killers.julia was second five star.i want good iv julia and tiki.got feeling julia got same bst as alm.i got feeling how stats going look.

  9. Please Have a Safe/Happy Move to your New Location!

    I want to take the time to Thank you very much for your Very Informative Video. I have a lot of Really Powerfully HEROS because of your Advice!!

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