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23 Replies to “Marantz 1060 and Marantz 104 on Ohm model F speakers”

  1. 30 Watts can be overpowered, underpowered, or just right. It all depends on what you pair the amplifier with and the size of the room. If you go with speakers that are relatively inefficient, say between 80 to 85 DB, and you put it in a small room, it will suffice. However if you put that same combo in a large room you'll be left wanting. Now if you pair that same 30 Watts with a very efficient speaker at say 100 DB or more in a small room, then you can easily overpower the room. But it would be great for a larger room. If you go with a mid-efficient, somewhere in the 90 to 95 DB range, then you'll have a system that will work in a small room and a medium room, and sometimes suffice for a larger room if need be. It all depends on the speakers efficiency and how close it is to be Uber efficient. As to the sound of the Marantz, very very pleasing. Your friend has a nice amp.

  2. I might buy a marantz sr7005 as my denon 2310 is making hissing sound and its always there to. but looking around £250 used. for a HD amp.

  3. The fact that you think a dac inside your phone is equivalent to a standalone dac illustrates how uninformed you are.

  4. pair if those ohm speakers not far from me where i live in canada can be had for 600.00 cdn i live in the speaker belt you can say that have come and gone over the years psb. alot of smaller names

  5. Back when manufactures cared more about the final product than the advertising gimmicks and features. Did you get a new camera Andrew? The quality is awesome!

  6. I have a pair of Fisher 3 way floor speakers, 8 5 and 3. I bought them new around 1987. I have them paired with a Harmon Kardon 730 (the same on you have). Do you think they are any good? Would a proper cross-over help or are they just so bad they aren't worth it?

  7. That Marantz is beutiful, i love 70`s equipment i currently have a Trio KA-3700 which is beutiful and minimalistic use it for FM and vinyl.

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