Mighty Magiswords | Magimobile – Available Now! | Cartoon Network

Check out the all-new Mighty Magiswords’ Magimobile App – available for FREE from Google Play and the App Store!


About Mighty Magiswords:
Prohyas and Vambre, the brother and sister team of Warriors for Hire, are always up for a quest. But they never know what quest will drop in their laps! Giant pigs, giant spiders, or giant ancient dinosaurs, they can handle whatever giant quest you want; but not without their trusted collection of Magiswords. Magiswords are perfect for whatever weird thing you need whenever you need it. Do you need a wicker basket made in a second? Do you want to trap evil in a wad of chewing gum? Don’t worry, there are Magiswords perfect for the job! With wild crazed joy, the Warriors set out to discover and collect every last Magisword waiting to be found in the Kingdom of Rhyboflaven and beyond. The more they collect, the more crazy swords the Warriors will have to choose from – like swords that can fly, swords that can shoot tomatoes, and swords that spit seeds. Don’t ask why, but they really, really, really need that one.

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Mighty Magiswords | Magimobile – Available Now! | Cartoon Network

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33 Replies to “Mighty Magiswords | Magimobile – Available Now! | Cartoon Network”

  1. Rip mighty magiswords. 2015 – 2018
    ( this comment was edited for the date/years ). ( it was a good app well it was replaced in 2019 with Cartoon Network arcade app )

  2. how would this actually work IRL though? considering that i assume you have to have the app open while you watch the show on TV so you can collect a sword. maybe it's in a form of a signal connecting the TV to your phone/tablet?

  3. " things don't make you happy, only the temporary things do." My dad won't let me get the app. Why do those kids get the app and I don't?!

  4. I just got it today and I collected 15 different magi swords today I have been watching Cartoon Network all day to collect these magi swords

  5. On my cell phone I press on collect and it does not identify it says that it is to click on collect when watching and I am doing it but it does not work
    WARNING:I from Brazil but i study English on Mondays and Wedsnesdays

  6. hey when I tried to download it and collect even though I was watching mighty magiswords I didnt recieve a single magisword

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