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33 Replies to “Minecraft: 8 Bed Build Hacks and Ideas”

  1. I LOVED THE STUDIO BE SO CREATIVE,He is just sitting working on some stuff and he is going to bed WAIT THERE IS NO WAY TO GET UP then he opens the trapdoors as STAIRS,YOU are a very creative person

  2. Wow! First time watching, I am truly impressed by the amount of effort put into the making and editing of this video.

    Wouldnt be surprised seeing your channel blowing up soon

  3. Found your channel through reddit posts and I’ve got to say, your videos are surprisingly high quality. Keep up the great work!


  4. I LOVE the hammock design! It just looks so cozy and it makes me wanna build one. Looks like a kinda temp base or somethin if your going out exploring.

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