Minecraft Beacons could be BETTER?!

Today we check out how Minecraft Beacons could be tweaked!
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42 Replies to “Minecraft Beacons could be BETTER?!”

  1. I'd like if the beacon beam ignored render distance and could be seen from 100+ chunks away. I don't play on public servers and want to know where my castle is without looking at my coords and sort of just estimating that's it is around there sort of.

  2. Some effects that would be nice:

    Crops grow faster

    Animals breed faster

    A truly unbreaking effect that lasts for like a minute but your tools will not loos durability. It costs a new ore to restart.

  3. Make normal 9×9 7×7 5×5 base and make the top layer such that it can accommodate 6 beacons you dont need alot of iron or other blocks

  4. I was thinking resistance should give a boost similar to unbreaking when mining, along with the pyramid specific effects.

  5. You know in my current survival map i'm saving up emeralds to make a emerald only beacon and I knew it will take a while for "all 3 levels"… now there's 4 …

  6. What if there was individual effects for each layer and what block you used gave you a different buff so if you make the first layer out of iron you would get resistence or if you used gold you could get haste etc and also if you had two layers of a block you would get the second level of the buff or if its on one of the bigger layers it would have a larger radius then the others so you could mix and match what you would want also put in redstone and lapis and maybe coal so there's more options for buffs and maybe have a bonus for all of one block like if you had all iron you would be immune to knockback or if you had all gold then you could mine 3×3 things like that it would be pretty cool to have one layer of coal another diamond etc depending on what you need or you could go all in on one and get a really big buff

  7. O think that Emerald should be better on the beacons. Coz in my survival world, i found ~100 diamonds. But i found only 10emeralds. I think emeralds should be better, because they are super rare

  8. I think it shouldn’t do anything to the effect. Just the radius! Bc lets be honest 50 block radius kinda sucks xD

  9. 1:38 “ It takes quite a bit to get one going”,

    Meanwhile Iskall85 delivers an order of 100 beacons to Cubfan in Hermitcraft season 6.

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