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  1. Minecraft Story Mode Boss Fights –
    Season 1 Episode 1: Ivor and the Witherstorm
    Season 1 Episode 2: Magnus (if you chose to go with Axel) & Witherstorm
    Season 1 Episode 3: Witherstorm
    Season 1 Episode 4: Witherstorm
    Season 1 Episode 5: Aiden, Gill & Maya
    Season 1 Episode 6: White Pumpkin
    Season 1 Episode 7: P.A.M.A
    Season 1 Episode 8: Hadrian & Mevia (Old Builders)
    SEASON 2
    Season 2 Episode 1: Prismarine Colossus (Admin)
    Season 2 Episode 2: Snowman (Admin)
    Season 2 Episode 3: Three-Headed Ghast
    Season 2 Episode 4: Giant Enderman & Giant Magma Golem
    Season 2 Episode 5: Jesse (Admin)

  2. Vos died because of you u ducked but thats supposed to happen because then you will die u should have chosen petra's side oh no!!!!!

  3. woah i forgot about the snowman admin such a doofie i am!! ughhhh!!!!! so forgetful!!!!!! and the snow golem wow omgggg i am soooo doofy i forgot about the iron golem + snow golem too why am i sooo forgetful!!!!

  4. Dantdm this is the biggest secret of mcsm season 2…. The lava the episode the last one the admin umm he controlled the prismirine admin……. so he will literally shower u with lava and drown u with water now… in mcsm not in reality hopefully as i guess he is never real only god is the one who created the world he doesn't have minions but he has other people and prophets to shine the world with him so yeah……

  5. When the admin said i love what you did with the wither storm does that mean He was in season 1 but off camera and not seen and far away

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