Most BROKEN OP TALENTS in Dota: Hero Tier List – WORST and BEST in 7.21d | Dota 2 Guide

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Which hero has the BEST or WORST talent tree in Dota?
In this Dota 2 meta guide, coach Speeed covers his picks for the best most OP talents in Dota as well as the WORST talent trees available for some unfortunate heroes! This tier list may help you choose the next hero to add to (or dumpster from) your heropool in patch 7.21d!

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47 Replies to “Most BROKEN OP TALENTS in Dota: Hero Tier List – WORST and BEST in 7.21d | Dota 2 Guide”

  1. In this happy Dota 2 tier list Speeed, covers his picks for the BEST and WORST talent trees availabe across the many heroes of Dota!

    Join NOW! – Learn from the Pros and gain +1000 MMR. Check us out at a 25% discount!

  2. Man wtf u didnt put Phantoms Assasins 5% COUP DE GRACE i mean that gives pa like 1000 more crit damage that the best talents u dont know anything anout dota

  3. im playing dota 2 again after a year or so and 1 of my favorites is clinks. i feel safe and confident playing him but not anymore. just noticed and embarrassed about is i feel like he is a lot weaker compared to before. i like his new ulti but feels like he is just really weak right now.

  4. Invoker lvl 10 ghost walk talent is so good. U can get in and out of fight, if you get dusted, just euls and get back to ghost walk. U can behave like slark. U get out of fights alot and ots really helpful. And that coldsnap talent is good too like u can just coldsnap alot of enemies in fight back to back. Help all of the team. Cataclysm is god tier talent and 25 lvl are really good too.

  5. You can’t fail to show us the talent tree while talking about them. You did it for the first half and then failed the second half

  6. Troll whirling axes talents are some of the worst talent in the game. It makes your axes attack for 165-236 each cast, on a hero with low very low mana. It's not worth the other talent of higher stack and dispel

  7. also I'd say that lone druid players would say that the 0 sec entangle cooldown is pretty good although I am not entirely sure

  8. "pounce leash duration =" underwhelming? making people unable to use mobility spells like blink from am? Haven't really played slark recently, but as a slark player I can say that that is not true. Additional lockdown against heroes like for example am can be pretty valuable.

  9. I agree about clinkz's and LD's talents on level 10 BUT… both heroes are strong at the early game aka changing those can basicly break the meta right now. The other talents fill gaps which those heroes have. Clinkz's damage and positioning is crucial, and all of his talents buff his ult which is his main strength right now. LD's bear rarely builds armor till third or fourth slot so it requires this armor talent . the ensnare cooldown is NUTS when you go maelstorm/assault as second/third item. And combined with 0.5 attack time the bear can basicly become alchemist.

  10. I would have probaply put Ember at the top i mean u could argue that there are heros with better lvl 20 talents but for all the others hes pretty god tier.
    Also Tide deservs an A i think.

  11. I am happy that most of my used heroes belong to the good talent tree list
    Especially pudge i mean wtf a good gank hero tank can heal support


  13. As for Invoker. It’s best to not pick talents until later levels. You’re right, they’re quite bad for those levels, butyou would really want GW cd reduction in late game. Just pick it at level 18 and that’s it. Invoker is a hero who can deal with having a bad talent by upgrading asphere.

  14. +3 sec silence on drow is mediocre? 😂😂😂
    what a fkng joke, this is ezly her most op talent among what she have, more than the cd cooldown or the free butterfly evasion

  15. Ok, i seriously dont understand why Kunkka is not in A or S tier. At lvl 10 you get Damage or 6 armor. 15 torrent damage or health regen, 20 25 strength or torrent aoe and 25 Boat ship fleet. How does Kunkka not have one of the best talents in game? You can basically just go full tank or full damage. The boat ship fleet is insane becuase it refreshes the boat rum whenever you get hit by the boat, and having aghanims with that talent gives you so much crowd control. The torrent aoe also gives a huge control and damage if you get the torrent damage. 25 strength out of no where is nothing to scoff at especially since Kunkka tank is in meta now. 6 armor as a support is a GODS blessing at lvl 10. It gives you surivivabilty making you spam more skills which kunkka has on average cooldown. Honestly everything about Kunkkas talent is great with his kit (except cleave damage that talent is complete garbage and situational)

  16. Hello there, I'm here to call you out on the CK talents, is there a list to sign somewhere?

    For worst talents, I'd also like to mention Timbersaw and Venge. Mirana probably has the worst lvl 20 talents in the game, so I'm inclined to mention her too.

  17. You are all about farming judging the skills base on their farming abilities or damage man that sucks it's not useless it is called balancing the game

  18. the treant 90 damage makes it easier to pick off the usually one person that comes back to defend against your pushing

  19. spec also has the worse talents.
    lvl 15 dag FX or desolate? FX might be useful for grieving other players. desolate is utter nonsense. 325 range. You can't even use that on a jungler now that the camps are super close to one another.
    level 20 health or dag cd? dag cd, again, grieving. +500 health? at level 20? So like an extra 2-3 hits?
     lvl 25 dispersion or haunt damage? if you haven't gotten a silver edge by lvl25, you deserve to lose. haunt? 7 sec of rad dps on late game and possibly 2 hits if running.
    With the amount of haunt cd, that's useless. Might as well take underlord's dark rift. That's like blink strike that takes too long

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