My Journey With Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure & How Golden Wind Made Me a True Fan

Jojo is a name everyone knows and loves, or knows and hates. I’ve enjoyed the series since Part 1, but it wasn’t until Part 5 where I became a fan foaming at the mouth. This week I go over my journey with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and how my love has grown for the series over the years.
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45 Replies to “My Journey With Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure & How Golden Wind Made Me a True Fan”

  1. The first time i heard of jojo was because of death battle's kenshiro vs jotaro video

    I thought this "jochurro" guy was cool so i looked up jojo's on crunchy roll and i binge watched jojo part 1 to 3 and i loved it

  2. For me, part six is incredible but a little bit of a downgrade from part five, maybe it’s just person preference? But we can all agree part seven is best part. Johnny. <3

  3. I can only agree. I've always liked JoJo but Golden Wind made me a real fanboy of it. I simply love it and definitely my favourite season.

  4. The part that made it click for me was defiantly part four. I honestly don’t know why, I just really enjoyed and it’s one of if not, my favorite anime of all time.

  5. Every part of Jojo offers something.

    Part 1 is a story about the struggle of 2 brothers and where they want the world to go. Even though it was short and could have done with more character development it was fun

    Part 2 is a story about a young man saving the world while learning more about himself. Sure it lacked in side characters but it was great

    Part 3 followed 5 men on a long journey to save the world and their reasons for doing so. Sure it had inconsistent powers and was poorly paced but it was amazing

    Part 4 follows a couple of teens just trying to save their home from a terrible monster and it was perfect

    Part 5 is the story of a morally gray person doing whatever it takes to do the right thing in his mind and it was 10/10

  6. I personally think part 4 might be my favorite. I think I have a bit of a bias towards stories that have a complex cat and mouse game between the protag and the villain.

  7. for me it was when jojos season 1 was added on netflix, i was like "jojo, i think i've heard that before" and now i've seen it all and am reading the manga.

  8. Part 4 is where JoJo clicked for me.
    I LOVED Part 2, it's my second favorite part, and it's what kept me watching the series.
    Maybe it's the fact that I grew up in a small town so I felt nostalgic when it came to the first tones of Morioh Cho Radio or what, but I immediately fell in love with this part. The music, the returning characters, everything was just perfect to me.
    So that's when I went off the deep end, finally.

  9. My experience with jojo:

    Before part 1: My friends constantly bugging me to watch it

    Part 1: yeah ok this is pretty cool I guess



  10. Part 5 is great, but part 6 is a bit different from the previous parts, and is more experimental on Araki's behalf to see what he could do in terms of story and characters. I am currently reading the manga for part 6 right now and its not as bad as everyone says (I am on the Limp Biscuit fight if anyone is wondering). Part 6 is definitely inferior to the amazing story of part 5, but in its own right well made and definitely creative. Let's hope anime only fans will warm up to part 6 when it comes out.

  11. Part 5 JoJo reminds me of one piece a lot as in Every character in the main cast was useful to the story, Great backstory's and interesting villains, and really cool but weird powers, and so much more. But one things for sure and that is JJBA is a fantastic series.

  12. Many people are saying it but just wait ‘til Steel Ball Run. From what you said in this video, I think you’ll love Part 7.

  13. i started reading the manga and i just can't stop, seriously, i think i may have a problem, everytime i think to myself "allright this is the last page i'll read¨ i just finish the volume and go into the next

  14. Yeah the creator of the series was trying to workout the kinks in the series. It was a work in progress from the start and as you said he cracked the code for a good story.

  15. A friend of mine keeps telling me to read the manga but.. I don't want to. I want to experience it all for the first time in the anime.

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