My Top 20 RAREST AND MOST EXPENSIVE Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards! 2019 Edition!

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36 Replies to “My Top 20 RAREST AND MOST EXPENSIVE Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards! 2019 Edition!”

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  2. Hey guys! Im selling my 15 years old Yu-gi-oh cards collection, auction starting at 1$ only! Rares, 1st Editions & Holos!! Check it out:

  3. Well if the first edition are that worth of money, i think i will be rich right now 🤔, i had the blue eyes and the exodia about 10-13 years ago so that basically the first print right? 🤔

  4. When I first got one pack am like what is this so my friend told me to get it and I did he screamed when i got a blue eyes dragon am like bruh then my friend let me see he got all jealous and he told me it’s rare! So I feel like what the hell is this so he teaches me how to play so later in the year I use yo-gui-oh cards and I had money so I bought packs and I got rainbow neos,fire eyes dragon,agent gear golem and I have more but I use pokemon sleeves for yoguioh cards lol but I use a lot more stuff and I start getting good at it and I got good cards

  5. I guess the most expensive Cards i own are English Unlimited Dark Magician Girl MFC and German First Edition Magic Formula GLAS

  6. Had a 1st edition lob raigeki get stolen with my whole collection, by my friend mom expecting to have all my cards after my dad kicked me out. Also that movie special dark sorcerer might have been worth something v.v

  7. I'm so pissed. I have dark magician, dark magician girl, blue eyes, red eyes, all original print and I cannot find them anywhere😭😭😭 all in sleeves in mint condition

  8. Man I used to have a lot of nice holo yu-gi-oh cards in the early 2000's blue eyes, red eyes, dark magician, all the exodia pieces blue eyes toon dragon, the little clock guy, are they worth anything today? might have to go pull the out my dads attic.

  9. I had so many of those top 2 cards and just gave them away at like 14 years old. Collected I think 6 of number 1 and 3 of number 2. Also had 3-4 of the blue eyes shining dragon. That was just the first couple pages of my rare cards. At least they went to a friend who was way more into yu-gi-oh than I was at the time so I don’t regret it all that much.

  10. all my rarest 13 card Here Majestic Star dragon x2 malefic CYBER end dragon x2 malefic blue eyes White dragon 2x blue eyes White dragon X2 and More

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