New! 2019 Gemmy Lifesize Animated Golden Retriever! -Review and unboxing!

I am very excited to be one of the first collectors to have this item!
He will pair very well with my snowman from 2018!
This fine puppy pal is in my collection, if you want one go to today!
Save time by having it shipped to the store so you can get your shopping done and pick up your package!


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25 Replies to “New! 2019 Gemmy Lifesize Animated Golden Retriever! -Review and unboxing!”

  1. Love him so much. Received as a gift for my birthday and put him up right away. So nice. I say he is one of a kind.

  2. Omg, so awesome!!! I agree with Gemmygod on how the voice is amazing on him because it's the same actor used for the yeti. I also like the phrases on him too.

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