New 2020 McLaren GT review – has McLaren cracked the grand tourer formula?

McLaren GT full review:
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The distinguished GT moniker isn’t a new concept for McLaren. In 2016, the firm added the 570GT to its Sports Series range – offering a more comfortable and more practical take on its entry-level supercar.

But now McLaren is attempting to forge a little more separation between its Sports, Super and Ultimate Series cars by adding a fourth pillar to the range. Launching with the self-titled McLaren GT, company bosses are remaining coy about where this model may take the brand in the future.

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26 Replies to “New 2020 McLaren GT review – has McLaren cracked the grand tourer formula?”

  1. Are you aware you are promoting the wrecking of the climate?
    STOP and START promoting cars which do not ruin our planet.

  2. I love cars and I love driving but this is pointless and stupid.

    An over-powered car for fools. He thinks describing its speed as 'Violent" is a compliment

  3. I've seen many people on social media say how much all Mclaren cars look like the RCZ and i even seen a 570s coming towards me on the road the other day & genuinely… at first i thought it was a Peugeot RCZ which isn't a bad thing as the RCZ is gorgeous.

  4. A GT used to be a long bonet coupé with a v8 or a v12 at the front! Luxurious,comfortable and very fast at the same time. You just push the gas pedal and cross continents like it's nothing.This pile of ** is not a GT. it's a more pillowy supercar at best. Sure… performance wise it surpasses the old lot of GTs but like anything nowadays it feels like the very essence of things gets missed

  5. I kinda like it, maybe i’m just getting old haha. Mclaren can make things like this as long as they continue to make insane cars like the senna and 720s. However they do need to work on their engine noise, interior, and reliability

  6. Guys guys please remember this is a different angle Bruce's company is going in. So looking at wiki under gt which this car is it says…It should be able to transport at least two in comfort with their luggage and have room to spare — probably in the form of a two plus two (2+2) seating arrangement."The design, both "inside and out, should be geared toward complete control by the driver."Its "chassis and suspension provide suitable handling and roadholding on all routes" during travels.

    Grand tourers emphasize comfort and handling over straight-out high performance or ascetic, spartan accommodations. In comparison, sports cars (also a "much abused and confused term"

  7. You say it is quiet, but the cabin shots sounded noisyer than my Focus, & it is a diesel. A nice side & rear profile, but not sure on the front. Ultimately, we have to ask, how much & how far can we sensibly go on a tank of petrol?

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