Nord Grand – Narrative Overview / Review and Comparison with Nord Piano 4

Nord Grand – Narrative Overview / Review, and Comparison with Nord Piano 4.

This video had volume levels too high for the piano portion during the latter half of the video. This has been corrected with a re-mixed version of this video (identical except for the volume correction) and can be viewed at this link:

Kawai Shigeru: Nord Piano 4 vs Kawai ES8:

Nord’s new “White Grand” piano sample:

Nord Piano 4 PlayList:


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28 Replies to “Nord Grand – Narrative Overview / Review and Comparison with Nord Piano 4”

  1. Hi. I've been a working pro piano player all my life using real pianos. I play real vintage boogie-woogie and so I have a very percussive style. I'm torn between this Nord or Kuwai MP11Se. Do you think I would benefit from the real wood keyboard of the Kawai? The weight doesn't bother me.

  2. I'm torn between the Kawai MP11SE with a Dexibell Vivo SX7 (or even a VPC1 with the SX7) or the Nord Grand. The mechanical noise on the keybeds of the MP11SE and VPC1 is near silent. The MP7SE is not as silent, but it's a whole lot better than the Piano 4 (which I couldn't live with). The Nord Grand's keybed has been customized but so far, I can't find any information about the mechanical noise it makes (and the Nord Grand is only out in October where I live). Can I ask you what your opinion is on this ? You've played both the MP7SE and the Grand : has the keybed been improved for the Nord Grand ? Thanks !

  3. Great information! Thank you! Would it be possible for you to compare NP4 to Yamaha CP88 ?

    I am torn between the two, as a classical pianist who lives between countries, I need something to work with when traveling – and I don't really need any of the synth stuff – I only care about the piano. I feel like the Nord Grand is probably a bit bulky but that's just aesthetics. I'll give it a shot as well if I can find a store that has it. 🙂

  4. Great review! I keep hitting my knobs all the time while playing on the nord piano 3. I have big anxiety of changing programs while playing live..
    The Nord Grand is interesting but I wish there was more to it so I could convince myself to upgrade from the Nord piano 3. But the day it breaks I will probably get one!

  5. Thank you for a great comparison between the NP4 and the Grand, and thanks for really beautiful playing 🙂 I've been playing Nord keyboards since the Electro 1, and today I have a Stage 2 EX but will probably save up the money for getting a Nord Grand as my main stage piano

  6. Chuck, is there a name on the piece you played at the start of the video? Or is it something you wrote yourself? It's wonderful whatever it is

  7. since the keyboard action is the main selling point can you do a video explaining how it compares to say np4 and yamaha cp88? describe materials, touch/dynamics, is it quiet? any issues?

  8. I can't decide between this and a furniture piano with better action (Kawai CS11). With all the accessories the Nord is the same price as the CS11 where I live (in Norway).

  9. Good review, thank you. In my ears it even sounds better than the Yamaha CP88. The new grand piano is absolutely outstanding. With the new Kawaii keys, this must be the absolutely best in 2019, only thing close must be Spectrasonic keyscape soft piano when it comes to sound.

  10. hi chuck! Im looking for the heaviest keybed possible on a digital piano, not necesary the best, nor a new one, but the HEAVIEST. Do you have any recomendation? thanks buddy!

  11. I should pay more attention to your channel!

    Aside from how expensive it is, another thing which would interfere with me making a purchase of this model is the fact that I am pretty much an auxiliary musician these days and need almost everything that I take on the job with me to be battery-operated. Otherwise, this would be such a temptation. Also, is that a collapsible stand?

  12. Good review. So few piano reviews cover touch and feel. What are the travel case options for gigging? I guess hauling a 24kg piano & pedals will be somewhat clumsy.

  13. Hi Chuck; Nicely done again and your information is very valuable. So, just sold my MP7se yesterday and I'm a little closer to the "NG"… So I am "assuming" ( not a private individual sale) this unit is a special NORD demo unit. Floating around southern California at the moment. I am hearing another 33% improvement in "dynamic resonance/responce" and pianistic control. "Just by combining Kawai's triple sensor hammer with the NG, —- "MAGIC"… The Demonstrating NORD pianists are playing the NG like it's a piano and not just another "keyboard"…. (Watch their total body) that is impressive. I'm now on Digital Piano # 20. One thing I have really learned is " ALWAYS try before you buy"… Chuck, Will this particular NG be making the "DEMO" rounds around the USA? Perhaps east to Dallas, TX…. Can you find this out please?

  14. The keyboards with this kind of construction are a bit unusable for me (MP7, MP11, Nord grand, etc.) because i got extremely long fingers (i'm a tall guy, i can reach octave and a half 😀 ) so yeah, the piano 4 or stage 3 88 are the once for me. I wish they made more separation between the keys and construction because i would already get mp7se, or mp11se or even nord grand… Not going to happen.

  15. It was so close to perfect if only they used the GFII action. They should have just committed to the form factor and go all out. The Piano 4 was already good enough and durable for stage work.

  16. As always Chuck thank you for the awesome review and insight. You are a tremendous resource! The Nord Grand looks very nice. The control panel looks like the size of a patch bay. I think they need to have an option for a beer holder maybe on the side? 🙂 Have a great 4th of July.

  17. wow. great comparison. can you tell which keyboard you find has the best keys action?
    if i'll take out the"sound" and sample quality – which would be the perfect "piano" keyboard? assuming i can invest my money on the hardware' and as for sound quality i'll use softwares (such as pianoteq or heavy samples)…
    my "problem" is – i have the nord stage2, and it's awesome, exept the fact i cant put more than 2-3 full piano samples, and use only the small versions' and still dont get to play all their piano range samples (that nord offer on the website).
    so – eventually – maybe combine between best key-action technology and software… plus good monitors

  18. I was in the Nord website yesterday but hadn’t noticed the Grand. Then I see your video in my feed. This is awesome! Always love your reviews and demonstrations.

  19. @pianoManChuck Im seeing a lot of people saying it doesnt actually have let off and they keys are non graded hammer action but they are weighted. Can you confirm this and also wouldnt this make the nord piano 4 better for serious pianist as this is important? Thank you

  20. So, not let off and keys aren’t proper kawaii top of the range key action. For £2500 I would have expected top of the range everything. Surely you would get a much cheaper solution by purchasing a kawaii mp11 second hand and use the piano sound from and electro 6? Or cheaper still buy a Korg d1 rh3 action and midi up with an nord electro 6. That combination is same solution but only £1500 all in

  21. It's disappointing that the top is too small to be very useful. I would have gladly dealt with the extra weight if it meant there was enough room for a second keyboard such as a Nord Wave, Moog Grandmother or Prophet 12.

  22. Kawai, told me that the Let Off has been removed for the Nord, and the weighted key non graded. Bring on the flames Nord bois, but it makes sense for reliability.

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