Onision False Strikes, Lovely Peaches, and Isaac Kappy Haunting Last Words

We are back with the news you want, Lovely Peaches, Onision, and Isaac Kappy haunting last words, all that and more as the Rep Reports ☕

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37 Replies to “Onision False Strikes, Lovely Peaches, and Isaac Kappy Haunting Last Words”

  1. *We are the amazing most greatest community everrrr and you deserve hugs 🤗🤗🤗🤗 likes for hugs* 😻 also if you need me or have a topic *tweet me – * https://twitter.com/zillarage

  2. I would love to hear more about the Isaac Kappy theories. I find them captivating even if I didn't believe in the Q-Anon movement, it was all very interesting. I would definitely love to become a patron if you started to make more conspiracy theory videos. Thank you for all of your hard work!

  3. I love how repzilla is so trauma informed. (That’s what we call in the mental health field as being aware of traumas people commonly experience and accommodating needs. Ex: not saying certain trigger words, declaring trigger warnings, supplying resources after an emotionally impacted video). Ahh I love it.

  4. The way she worded it made it seem like her daughter passing was like your dog passing‚ shows how much a loving mother this bitch seems. "She was my best friend" Wtf that's your daughter. Shes YOUR DAUGHTER. You dont say "my best friend" when your fucking child has died.

  5. When they say God.. they mean Lucifer.. he broke the oath of silence and for that he was killed..

    Check out “A call for an uprising” if you want to know more.

  6. Hollywood is a sick place! Of course they’ll call him a nut job. This happens to a lot of celebs when their MK ULTRA mind control breaks down…

    Check out “ A call for an uprising” if you want to know more.

  7. Can you please do a video on what you find with the ANON movement? I’m curious to know about it. I’ve only heard a little bit about it, but would really like to know more

  8. Please go more in depth of the Isaac Kappy story I’m really interested about this subject

    Your Amazing by the way I love your channel keep up the good work👍🏻👍🏻.

  9. Onision is by far one of the most toxic people on YouTube. He is the most toxic creator I’ve come across, as far as actions, manipulation, “jokes” in poor taste, attitude, judgment of others, dishonesty, so much more. Idk why he’s still allowed on this platform tbh. It’s kind of ridiculous because all he does is stir up drama and butt into other people’s lives. Its BS how onision can say “I want to be left alone” when he won’t leave Eugenia Cooney alone EVEN NOW after being asked to countless times. He lives in his own world, by his own rules, and he is clearly the god of that insane world.

  10. The saving animals t-shirt would be so perfect if the designs were switched to the other sides and the cat was on the front 😍

  11. I miss being able to catch the Rep livestreams-too busy these days. I rlly liked the cooking show he did. One w/sauteed onions would be LIT. What days is he live again?

  12. If Greg (Onision) done it out of malice or not, doesn't really matter. But to explain Onision has had personal issues against Repzion for years when Repzion has only been fair in his criticism and his videos are always more transformative than not. So by defintion, they're fair use. In any case, abuse is abuse. He waited all 3 weeks before not sending the court order. If someone wants to say Onision still didn't abuse it, then I have a question. If his intent was not to abuse it, why did he wait full 3 weeks after manually giving out 2 copyright strikes? It's definitely not out of ignorance as this YouTube been on here for over a decade, he knows full well how it all works. I'm impartial as I know neither in real life so consider this an outsiders perspective, I objectively judged the situation and that's what I found. Onision is abusing the system for whatever reasons he has. Not cool.

  13. If you go into the Kappy story, you have to go into pizzagate/pedogate. Just be careful. Watch Titus Frost's documentary on it.

  14. I’ve put out a few videos on onision and he hasn’t copy right struck me…….yet. Prob because I’m a small channel he won’t get money out of.

  15. Onision is desperate for views. He's doing this just to bring attention to himself. Drama = views! It's too bad that the best thing he could come up with is reporting videos.😂

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