Optimum H3000 2nd Gen (H5000 / 600Pro) Horizontal Juicer – Juicing Celery

The world’s first Vacuum Juicer, the Optimum H3000 2nd Generation (H5000 or 600Pro) from Froothie that is perfect for celery juice.

Remove the oxygen from your freshly squeezed juice to increase shelf-life, reduce oxidization and preserve more nutrients for longer.

Learn more about the benefits of Vacuum Juicing:

source: https://indiancinema-analysis.com

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2 Replies to “Optimum H3000 2nd Gen (H5000 / 600Pro) Horizontal Juicer – Juicing Celery”

  1. If the pulp control has to be on low for celery what can be juiced on Medium or High.
    Is there a list of fruit /veges for each setting?

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