Ortho Dial N Spray Redemption!

Last fall I experienced some issues with the Ortho Dial N Spray clogging and not performing as expected. I sought after and received advice from around the community, and have been able to restore functionality to my sprayer.

Thanks to all who have commented on my previous videos with suggestions. This is a great community.

Please remember to maintain your equipment, no matter how inexpensive.

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Video showing the issues I had with the Dial N Spray:

Ortho Dial N Spray from Amazon:

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13 Replies to “Ortho Dial N Spray Redemption!”

  1. If you check out my calibration video on this sprayer, you'll learn it basically throws out to 1000 sq ft 3x the dial setting. No need to do any math or controlled pacing. Cheers …. Tommy.

  2. Chapin International G362 All Purpose Hose-End Sprayer, 1 Pack Translucent White
    3.7 out of 5 stars
    FREE Delivery Thu, Apr 18 I'm going to try this one next my Ortho gets clogged as well I heard this is a professional one by Ryan Knorr

  3. Solid video! Did you punch the hole on the filter screen as John perry recommends or just take out the whole filter itself? I put down my products this past Monday here in West Jordan! Everything went down well until I got to my 18-0-1 Greene punch, it kept clogging up and I wasn’t able to apply a good even spray. Any recommendations? Thanks!

  4. Jimmy plan on using the Ortho myself for all the liquid apps. Like your form with the backward walk. Don't like to walk and spray forward and walk over what was just sprayed. 🙂

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