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21 Replies to “Photoshop CC 2018 – Full Tutorial for Beginners [+General Overview]”

  1. Im a new channel focusing with simple designs for beginners😊

    Thank you so much for this one. I really need to learn more.

  2. the hotkey for " transform " is quicker , thou using the "edit" is also a good way , to transform just press the ctrl key and T key

  3. using the alt + down key + mouse wheel causes the "nudge" to occur if needed basically use the ctrl plus the + key to zoom in and ctrl plus the – key to zoom out

  4. Just a little advice! although the tutorial is splendid I must say on behalf of most here that the robotic voice kinda makes us loose a little interest so a more natural voice would be much more preferable thanks! ^–^

  5. Make an index,by subject matter, beginning at given time points. For example, "Unlocking Pictures'' is mentioned at 15:50.

  6. Thanks for the tutorial. Please tell me if photoshop does this:

    I open two images: 1) Robbialac color chart; 2) Image of a wooden board. Next, I select the eyedropper tool and go to the board image to choose a specific color. Finally, I return to the color chart and photoshop tells me which color is more similar between the one I chose and the one that is available in colorchart.

    It's a very important technique for anyone who works with painting, I'm very grateful if you can help me!

  7. I'm starting job that requires me to use photoshop and bridge soon and i have no prior knowledge to them beforehand. Thanks a bunch for making the tutorial!

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