Pre-Season Review: Coyotes vs Golden Knights

Since this was the first game of the season, I figured a review might be fun to do and so I made notes while watching.

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37 Replies to “Pre-Season Review: Coyotes vs Golden Knights”

  1. Shannon says don't over analyze from this game…. I am stressing and over analyzing. hahaha. This is NOT supposed to be a crap year….

  2. I think Hill needs more time in the big leagues. When Raanta went down, he was Keumper's backup, and then became our starter for about a month and he was rock solid! We did not want to overwork him though, granted he was doing outstanding game after game! We were lucky enough to have Darcy find his game after the All-Star break and come out YUUGEE for us for the remainder of the season.

  3. Just glad that hockey life is back. Vegas looked rusty… Way too many penalties. But I loved the new prospects on ice. This might be a really good season. fingers crossed

  4. I'd be surprised if they don't get Darren Elliot in a game or more for special announcements. He was with Atlanta and Detroit broadcasts, and I liked him in both. He heads up the youth leagues in Vegas now if I understood correctly.

  5. Hill looked good last year. Hill will be an AHL starter this year and the 3rd in line. I suppose if this trend continues that’ll change but as of now AHL starter 3rd NHL is his to lose.

  6. Really nice Review, living in Denmark and don't have any chance of catching the game only the highlights and it makes it look like a whole different game then it was

  7. yes what a SAVE !!! dive stick save. also, it was a elbow to the face. he could have absolutely tucked his elbow in before the hit. he knew what he was doing.

  8. Sold out preseason game… lots of kids in attendance because tickets are a bit cheaper… I'm willing to bet patches' hat trick made at least a couple life-long hockey fans out of at least a couple of those kids (even though it's a preseason game and the stats dont matter).

  9. I throw my hat regaurdless. Preseason, regular season, playoffs, NHL, AHL, and SPHL. If it is a hat trick my hat is gone.

  10. Nap in the middle of the day every day. That is where I get most of my sleep during the week. First game review video tells me hockey has started! I'm so happy!

  11. As someone who was there, I pretty much agree. Couple things…
    The Boos you thought you heard were actually “Suuuuub” when he (actually) makes a stop. Easy mix up. Then for the hat thing, I feel ya. Good thing was the Knights offered a 20% discount off all hats following the game from the team store (aka The Armory). So, see/celebrate a hatty & get a new hat to cap off a victory (bad pun, sorry) and the kick off to another season, that’s a good Sunday.

  12. I honest ignore pre-season. Majority of players will not be playing during regular season. So its not a good comparison tobwhat the team will actually do during the season. I think its good fornthe rookies anf those whobare still fighting for spots on the team but thats about it.

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