Hi guys! This week’s video is my flight vlog of our flights to and from The Maldives with Qatar Airways. We’ve never flown Qatar before and decided to book Business on the way out and Economy on the way home and compare the different cabins. Both were AMAZING!! And I’ll 100% be a repeat customer with the airline. The only downside we’d say is that the London Gatwick lounge wasn’t good at all. It was the Apsire lounge and not a Qatar lounge. Hope you enjoy the video!
Jess xx


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  1. Flew Qatar business from Jakarta to London rtn just 2 weeks ago. Also didn't like Gatwick lounge, but adored everything about Qatar. Can't wait to do it again. Love it so much. Lucky us. Robyn

  2. Jess the A350-900 has an amazing business class cabin don’t get me wrong, however the Q suites are on the a350-1000 aircraft, a different variant of the aircraft you were on, just FYI!

  3. So what your saying- is that the UK carrier ( assuming you work for BA) is poor compaired to Qatar. Why would I fly BA, when i can choose many other flight options that have far more superior experiences as standard.
    By the way, sorry for the dig.

  4. Love this! Also travelling with Qatar to Maldives. Hoping for upgrade!
    Did you get any injections prior to going to Maldives like hepatitis A etc? Xx

  5. Great video, Jess! Enjoyed watching so much! I did 2 videos on Qatar B777 and A350, both on business class, and couldn't agree more. It's a fantastic experience! (would be homestead and happy if you liked to watch and compare)
    Again: great video!

  6. Thank you for sharing your experience it looked very lovely I’m pleased you enjoyed your flight and had a wonderful honeymoon . It was interesting seeing how different the two different classes were . The food and drink looked delightful. Regards to all.x

  7. I often fly Emirates but next time I’d definitely want to try Qatar Airways 😊
    Nice vlog! Looks like wine went down nicely 😆

  8. Hi Jess, thanks for another great video! Sorry to correct you, that A359 business class isn’t Qsuite, you can check what QR Qsuite like on Google, mostly on their A350-1000 fleet. Another trick, next time you can set your departure city as Stockholm / Oslo / Copenhagen to Asia, often get Qatar return business £1000-1300, and maybe real Qsuite next time, reserve middle 2 seats, turn to be a double bed!

  9. I flew QR to HKG and all 4 sectors were awful! I was so disappointed. The crew argued in the galley, they were miserable in the cabin. Not one sector was good. Ive heard the crew are treated badly there.
    The best I’ve flown is Malaysia Airlines!

  10. I agree with some other comments on here. How were the crew? Product looked amazing. Also, have you had a tinker with the settings for focus on your camera? Should be a way to make the focussing easier for yourself, e.g when going through the amenity kits! Great video!!!

  11. Just flew Qatar economy in early July, for my first ever ultra long haul flight. Melbourne – Doha – Berlin, and return. Cannot fault the flights in any way, shape or form. Never thought I'd say airline food was 'delicious' but it really was. Cabin crew were super attentive, and as it was my 50th birthday the next day, on both legs (Melb – Doha, and then Doha – Berlin) I was served a delicious dessert with Happy Bday written in chocolate sauce on the plate! They've won me over, and they'll be my first choice from hereon in when flying internationally. Superb airline, well deserving of their 'Airline of the Year' award

  12. Great video Jess! Hoping to go to the Maldives for my honeymoon and great to get an in-depth review of the business flight so thanks 😀

  13. As always wonderful. I know you would never do this and DON’T want you to, but would be interesting to know what you thought of the service you received on Qatar vs your former employer. Didn’t know about tomato juice. Interesting. Looks like you had an amazing time. Well done. Neil x

  14. I'm not understanding… have a vlog on your hens night, planning a honeymoon, flights on your honeymoon but nothing about the wedding?

  15. Qatar always have a really good service! I’ve flown with them on two return trips to Cape Town (via Doha which is looooong!) but they’re always super accommodating!

  16. So interesting to hear your detailed perspective having been cabin crew yourself. And I love how positive you were about your economy flight, seeing all that was good about it.

  17. Flown from Ireland to Australia with Qatar, they were really nice, I felt sick on board and they were constantly checking in on me, love Qatar

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