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21 Replies to “Replace GRUB with Windows 10 Bootloader on Dualboot”

  1. If you ever update Ubuntu/Linux or whatever it is, just keep in mind that now grub will overwrite MBR. As in the video, when you boot Ubuntu via MBR(the Windows boot menu), it actually reboots into grub and into ubuntu. So when Linux or grub is updated it will work the other way around. For this, I'll make a video on showing you how to restore MBR after Linux or grub update. thanks for your support!

  2. My bios mode is UFEI what should i do?
    When i change it to legacy it my windows lose his data and show me this message "no bootable drive"
    But when i set it back to UFEI the windows work

  3. Unless mandatory, please do not attempt to swap the boot order. This can cause undesirable problems like shifting of OS boot paths which may lead to irrecoverable loss.

  4. you, my friend, are a true God. no but fr this is the only thing that worked and I've been at it for days. keep up the great videos

  5. I tried this with kubuntu 19.04 and now I’m getting Grub4dos screen after selecting kubuntu and only windows is working

  6. Please help, i need to do the exact oposite. Change the easyBCD bootloader menu to the ubuntu GRUB as it was before I used easyBCD

  7. Most reliable way is to use Windows' own tool that Microsoft ships on every Windows CD

    Boot from Windows CD

    From title screen, open terminal (the button is usually in bottom left corner)

    Execute bootrec /fixmbr

    If that didn't work, try bootrec /fixbootinstead

  8. If you want the GUI screen during dual boot, just open cmd in administrator permission and type these commands

    bcdboot %windir%

    thank me later👍

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