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26 Replies to “REVIEW: Jojo Golden Wind Episode 35”

  1. Surprised no mention about Fugo's appearance and the bird that flew above him. That was added for the anime for a stronger bond of him and Narancia.

  2. King Crimson was a stand that NEEDED to be animated. It works SO well in the anime! Just the subtlety of the time skipping is animated so great! I'm so glad DavPro put SO much effort and dedication and love into this part specifically.

  3. Aren’t you glad the dogs don’t die in JoJo anymore?
    It’s been this way since mid-Part-4, and briefly in Part 2 when Cars saved that one on the road

  4. Hmm, everyone's all mixed up with each other.. kinda hard to figure who'll do what.. Think there's definitely a plan for deaf, dumb, blind and dead Bruno for the upcomings.. even if sidelined just as a zombie they're keeping him in the picture pretty long.. Must be to play a role in some major twist up, me thinks.. Pretty good Ep., thanks once again

  5. If I had realized, I would have warned you. Nothing direct, ofc, but yet another one bites the dusto. But DP did a great job preparing the viewer. The manga didn't have that. The four bullets, but not the monologue. The radar has a few weaknesses and there is a loophole in the story here tbh. Not with the radar, but with the possession.
    There is a bit of foreshadowing to other things in the episode, so it's not just the death.
    And I honestly would have thought you noticed something about the openings at this point, but I guess not.

  6. anyone else notice doppio bleeds while Bruno can't like his body acts normal while its him in there so I'm guessing he has his own life force in a way but that's just my thoughts

  7. “He could be in a smaller animal” well now i have the horrifying thought of what the rats in part 4 could do with king crimson.

  8. i really dont see how KC can become more powerfull, killer queen wasnt that power, The world was so strong becuase of DIO, the pilar men was afraid of the sun. But KC its to danm busted

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