Review of a Hong Kong Hotel – Spooky

This is a fictional story. It’s about my trip to Hong Kong, focused specially on my stay in a local hotel. Though the city is quite enjoyable, my experience on the hotel led me to question some things in my life.

I went to Hong Kong three years ago, for business purpose. After finishing my duties, I went straight up to the hotel, since I was tired. Worth noticing that I wasn’t the one who chose to hotel. On the place though, things rapidly turned out to be pure disaster, with some phenomenons that I can’t explain till this date.

I’ve never been superstitious, but the hotel for sure puts a lot of questions in my mind.

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7 Replies to “Review of a Hong Kong Hotel – Spooky”

  1. That's probably the creepiest story I have ever heard in a hotel. Did you even tell the staff about it? I bet the culture in Hong Kong is quite different… But not different enough to regard this as acceptable behavior, I hope.

    That being said, your filming technique is great. It looks like a documentary interview! Kudos.

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