Review: The Most Accurate Watch Ever Made? | Citizen Eco-Drive Cal. 0100

In this installment of “A Week On The Wrist”, HODINKEE Editor-In-Chief Jack Forster goes in-depth with the Citizen Eco-Drive Caliber 0100 – the most accurate watch ever made. Watch to get the historical and technical perspective on what makes this watch so impressive.

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35 Replies to “Review: The Most Accurate Watch Ever Made? | Citizen Eco-Drive Cal. 0100”

  1. Cell phones can be more precise. Making watches more precise lost its charming long time ago. Even now GPS or radio watches are more precise, they use atomic clock to keep time and the oscillation frequency is still much much more higher.

  2. Thank you for this information.You know some of use just think a watch still runs like a watch from 40 years ago.But now we are being educated here.

  3. The highest frequency quartz crystal yet, but………. the second hand still jerks around the dial like a $20 watch, I would much prefer to go for a Bulover precisionist movement that glides around the dial at 16 beats per second and costs considerably less for only a fraction less accuracy…….

  4. Morgenwerk is more accurate. High accuracy thermo-compensated quartz with multiple satellite adjustment. Reaching below 1 spy. Only other watch that is more accurate is Hoptroff

  5. not even close to most accurate watch…. maybe most accurate quartz watch…

    there's actual atomic wrist watches…
    Accurate to 1.5 seconds in a 1000yrs the Hoptroff No. 16

  6. The thing is that im done wit eco drive watches.
    I prefer normal quartz battery watches. Battery quartz powered watches are most reliable and most versatile.
    No wonder Grand Seiko are all about this normal quartz battery watches.
    Please lets speak again when your watch runs out of eco-drive juice… against a normal quartz batteries powered watch.

  7. at around the 1:00 mark, at the whiteboard behind, you have written 4.2mHz and 8.4mHz… this is wrong. You mean MHz. For example 4mHz is 0.004Hz, NOT 4000000Hz (4MHz); which is what you mean.

  8. Watch is beautiful, but come on for a flagship quartz watch, and at 16,8k price they decide to cut corners by making "CITIZEN" lettering a one piece sign hence easier to manafacutre and apply, saving costs. Also the resolution of the second indicators macroed could be better. It's the details like these that make this watch not worth 17k. Take any other luxury watch for 17k; Roelx, GS, Omega etc and forget about the movement and concentrate on details and they would be flawless compared to this one.

  9. This is a watch that will lose ALL of its value immediately. With an MSRP of $16,800 (no, I'm not kidding), this Citizen quartz timepiece will drop by leaps and bounds the second you attempt to sell it. Goofy.

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