Review: XF16mm f/2.8 R WR in Hong Kong

Since receiving my review copy of the new XF 16mm f/2.8 R WR, I knew I was going to wait to test this lens in a crowded, layered, and busy city like Hong Kong. Using the 24mm equiv. prime for street is not easy, except in a city like Hong Kong. This lens is also great for architecture, although I feel most would choose an ultra wide zoom instead. Overall I was pleased with this lens. This latest ‘Fujicron’ lives up to the reputation of the other lenses: compact, light, quiet, fast AF and reasonably priced. What are some of things I liked, and some things I want improved? Check out my video review here, or go to FujiLove and read my full article:

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*This video was recorded using:

Fujifilm X100F
Rode VideoMicro:
Edited on 13″ MBP 2015 + iMovie


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45 Replies to “Review: XF16mm f/2.8 R WR in Hong Kong”

  1. That lens would be a good choice for gimbal work.
    Nice to see the X100f working so well for video.. was your mic plugged into it, or did you record audio on a separate device?

  2. I have the X-T3 with XF35F2 as the only native lens and was considering this XF16F2.8 (I need WR in my country) as the 1.4 version is considerably heavier. But as Take says, it's a different beast. I think I'll wait for a WR version of XF14 instead. Wink-wink, Take! Please tell your friends at Fujifilm that I need one. Haha..

  3. Great video. Binge watching anything Fuji since getting an XT3. Considering something even more compact for traveling and daily carry to replace an aging Sony RX100iii, XT30 with a pancake prime? Wait for the new X100?. Video is not the biggest consideration for me. 16 mm is pretty wide. Also loved seeing HK shots, recognizing a few of the places….caught the vibe of home.

  4. Best lens is the xf16-55 at 16mm its blows away the primes for image quality plus its a zoom with prime lens image quality check out the stats at optical limits

  5. The "problem" is that it is not actually a 24mm eq, but more like a 22mm. I don't know why it is is not the same angel as the f/1.4 model…

  6. I prefer the 24mm equivalent than the 18/27mm i think it's a more versatile and coherent lens just like the 35 and 50mm equivalent. I love the f2 trinity by Fuji. Now the F1.4 looks better but it's bigger and noisy and expensive… Anyway thanks for this great and as always comprehensive review! I appreciate it

  7. To state that there is no comparison between the fujicrons and the F1.2/F1.4 lenses is way out of line. I have compared the two 35mm Fujis and the two 23mm Fujis. The fujicrons were sharper and had much faster and more accurate AF. The only reason for choosing the F1.4/F1.2 is the need for speed. I just watched another video on youtube where the guy was comparing the two 16mm Fujis and found the fujicron to be sharper.

  8. X80, yeah, I wish! Great review. I've been thinking about that lens and searching for some reviews of it. Thanks.

  9. @bigheadtaco BHT- I have the 1.2/1.4 lineup for 16,23,56mm. But I also have the f2 23,35mm. Considering adding the 16 and 50 strictly for travel purposes to reduce weight. Am I crazy for considering owning both lines of lenses?? Or should I just suck it up and lug the pro-line lenses with me?

  10. Excellent video and detailed information. It has definitely answered some questions I had. I’m looking forward to purchasing this lens. Thank you

  11. Way, way too wordy, BHT. You keep repeating the same points over and over and OVER. Your audience heard you the first time, sir. This redundant 12+ minute post, could be a great 5-6 minute post, much more efficient for your listeners. Altho I greatly appreciate the design perfection of the XF 1.4/16mm, I would more likely buy the 2.8/16mm.

  12. Between the F2s and the F1.4/F1.2 versions of the Fuji lenses, which focal length would you say has the smallest difference for IQ/Contrast?

  13. Good review, bud. I picked up the 16mm 2.8 super cheap to use mostly for video. I've been really enjoying it! Been using it on the XT-2, and the autofocus is fast and super quiet. Wish I had that XH-1 though!!

  14. I’ve got the 16mm 1.4 ask Im used to and enjoy the focal length,. For me the attraction of the 2.8 is for 150 gms more than the 1.4 I can have a small street walkaround trio of 16 2.8, 35 2 and 50 2. I’m in Thailand where the heat makes carry weight maybe more of a consideration. It’s fulfilling a different role in my own Fuji lineup in addition to the 16 1.4. As yours and other images I’ve seen from the 2.8 it is more than satisfactory for image quality, the big advantage being street stealth given its size. I only buy 2nd hand so I’m sure the buying decision price wise will become even more compelling when earlier purchasers start to resell. I’m having more difficulty in deciding whether I should add a 35 1.4 to complement the 16 1.4 as the most effective low light duo.

  15. I love that shirt! Where can I get it? Great review also, I was looking at this lens instead of the 1.4 but I’m still thinking I want to get the 1.4. I do own the fujicron 35mm f2 and it’s my daily go to, it’s so sharp and the autofocus is spot on.
    Check out my work by the way! @alejandro.jpeg on Instagram.

  16. Great review as always, Take. There's a very small cadre of Youtubers whose opinions I trust, you being top among those. I really thought I was going to purchase this lens for travel architecture photography, but – with Fuji's latest discounts, I bit the bullet and spent a bit more on the XF14mm f2.8 instead. And, like any lens, there's both good and bad about it too.

  17. I've been using the 16mm f1.4 for street photography for the last 2 years and LOVE IT. For me that is the perfect focal length. I shoot primarily in Hong Kong and China and it's great for crowds. One of the best features of the f1.4 is it focuses down to 4". Perfect for tight spaces. Damn near a macro lens.

  18. I shoot with a 28mm lens on a Nikon F for decades. That means I should be OK with a 24mm equivalent lens. We will see. I'm still waiting for my 16mm f2.8 because I ordered the silver version. I've done this on all my Fujifilm lenses because I live in Palm Spring where the temp can reach 100 degrees most days from June to September. Having the silver lens helps reflect the Sun's rays off the lens and therefore stay a little cooler.

  19. I have the XF 16-55mm f2.8 and would certainly like the 16mm for the weight advantage but I can't justify it as a f2.8. If f2.0 then i'm all over it.

  20. The 16f 2.8 might not be as sharp as the f1.4, but it’s still plenty sharp. It’s also much less expensive. I’ve used it a good bit for portraiture and I’ve had zero complaints.

  21. Great content Take. I just returned my loan copy from Fujifilm Australia after having it stuck to my XT3 for a few weeks. I could not fault the lens for performance and IQ versus price and purpose. Agree with all you have said. It is no XF16mmF1.4 but it is a highly capable lens. Yeah, the X80! I pester them about that every chance I get. Take, what are your thoughts on an XF70mmF2? Another Fujicron to provide a cost-effective version of the 80mm and 90mm focal range. Thanks mate. Keep up the great work.

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