Sand Storm Effect (Disintegration) Adobe Photoshop + Action

FIND DOWNLOAD LINK BELLOW . Educational purposes only


I DID NOT CREATE THIS ACTION AND I DO NOT CLAIM I OWN IT , if you want to buy it, you can find it from the link bellow (created by sevenstyles):

You can download it here;

In this video I show the how to apply a sandstorm effect to any picture. This is the best and easiest photoshop skill and everyone should be able to do it. What the sand storm effect does is take the parts of the image that were highlighted in the brush layer and out of those make the rest of the particles. I am not the creator of this and therefor if the creator does have any problem with this he can contact me.

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Email me the link of this video if you want to know the music in this video (email can be found at the bottom of this page:

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50 Replies to “Sand Storm Effect (Disintegration) Adobe Photoshop + Action”

  1. Where to download brushes Action Tutorial free of charge is not much there is a note of the same video I see everything the link of time there is no download free …. this is the from $6 Kenneth Kreindler

  2. I figured it out I think. But I am pretty sure the starting image needs to be 8 bit, correct? Because I kept getting Filter Gallery errors etc.

  3. Can u Please help me,when i try to use this Action, i always got the Notification " the command "twirl" is not currently available. or the command "select" is not currently available. Pls help

  4. Do we need to do expand image? And i have the same problem, select layer function isn't working, i'm using CC 2017!

  5. Got a problem while running the sandstorm action. It stopped and a pop up saying "The object "layer "Layer 8"" is not currently available. I already tried to reset the actions and my tools. Can you help me with this? I am using CS5 Extended version. Thanks!

  6. Hi Kenneth, im trying to use this action but its not working, maybe you could help me out.
    i open the image, i do the new layer called brush. i use the brush then i choose which side the action should go and as soon as i press the "play the action" key it says ( the command delete is not available).. and it dosent end the action well even if i keep pressing ignore.

    what shall i do ? thanks hugo

  7. I follow exactly your tutorial but when i press play i have lot of windows and not the result…. I use the same photoshop cs6 64bits

  8. there is a problem when i apply the action after a few mints its workin stop and the notification appear (could not complete the command because the selected area is empty) so plzz help to solve the problem

  9. hi when i was apply this action on photo after a some time there was a notification was appear that ( there is no enough space Ram) so please solved this problem

  10. he intentado muchas veses y no me sale me manda the command "select" is not currently available..que puedo hacer.. ayudenme porfavorrr…gracias

  11. I get a error that says "The command “Select” is not currently available." Has anyone else found this and if so, what have you done to fix this. I'm using cc1015

  12. HI
    from where did you get the sandstorm
    i'm using adobe Photoshop and I can not find it
    could you tell me please how will i get it?
    thank you

  13. I just downloaded and did all this, every time I try to click the play button to have the disintegration effect it says "the command select is unavailable." any tips on what to do?

  14. Did anyone get this working? I've labeled the new layer 'brush', background layer is locked… Photoshop version is in English. Please Help

  15. Hi,

    I published my new Photoshop panel "ActionBrowser CC" a few days ago.
    This makes it possible to search for actions (à la Spotlight search) to manage favorites and play actions easier.
    More information can be found here:


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