SCP-1795 The Star Womb | safe | Pattern Screamers / Extraterrestrial

SCP 1795 are constructs that seem to be able to create planets for some unknown purpose, perhaps as a bio-mechanical construct to terraform planets for an alien lifeform’s purpose. What purpose that is, is currently unknown to the SCP Foundation.

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33 Replies to “SCP-1795 The Star Womb | safe | Pattern Screamers / Extraterrestrial”

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  2. Man, with no actual canon existing as a baseline, we get many wacky things. Like the foundation simultaneously being able to travel 9,000+ light-years in seconds while also not being able to reach Mars in a day.

  3. Hm I’m wonder if this is connected to SCP-3007, maybe this is one of the gifts the “Blue being” gave us so that we could create new worlds to colonize and we ended up moving to one of them in an attempt to escape whatever destroyed our old home

  4. This one was really good up until the talk about creators, masters and their origin. Ambiguity is best and it should have been left completely unaddressed.

  5. East side Steve, the star womb is awesome! Loved it and hope you continue with the screamer line. Thanks man always enjoy and share your videos.!

  6. The true age of humanity in the SCP universe is unknown, even to the foundation. So the idea that these terraforming bio-machines are man made could have some credibility.

  7. What a sweet little space heart.
    But they said there was none within 6 light years…

    And that they can’t move faster then modern rockets.
    With the fastest object we can create travelling at 288,000kmh… far off the 300,000km/s light travels at.

    Soo 3^5 x 60 x 522,600 x 6 km’s to the nearest one.

    Probably taking them billions of years, arriving well past the time it takes for the sun to explode.

    So the poor SCP 1795… will spend billons of years travelling only to watch us get eaten by the sun.

  8. as usual. an excellent reading, of a fantastic SCP, by Eastside, i agree with another comment that this would make a great sci-fi film

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