Sex Toys for Men (Male Sex Toy Review and Giveaway)

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Enter the contest to win one of these awesome toys:
When you enter, you’ll automatically get 10% my Come When You Want Masterclass.
Winner will be announced on September 28, 2019, 10% off Coupon Codes Expire Then!

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From realistic vaginas to head teasers, I present to you my FAVORITE male sex toys from Adam & Eve to give you ultimate solo sex pleasure.


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27 Replies to “Sex Toys for Men (Male Sex Toy Review and Giveaway)”

  1. I came across your videos on an add on Facebook and I gotta say I love your videos. I share them with my gf and we both watch. Keep em coming.

  2. I would love to try sex with her. She would be fun to play with. She can be my sex toy. I have this next door neighbor lady friend who is very beautiful woman and she comes over and keep me company when I home myself.

  3. Sex toys for men just shows how desperate men can get when they don’t have someone. This is my opinion my such materials can be a big waste and hinders the actual Yern and means of procreation.

  4. Ive always been interested in toys for men. I've never tried one but this video gives me a little more confidence on what to choose. Thank you for this video

  5. You are simply the best. Love your energy, enthusiasm and excitement you have for doing these videos. Look your work and content. Keep on making videos and yes you are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Men can't because women these days are more selfish and non understanding to others needs and wants. It's ok for them to have because it only a tool. But for men it's considered cheating cause it's modeled after a actual woman. But if she gets to put something in her then he can wrap something around his!

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