study tips from a college graduate ;) time management, note taking, motivation

hello my frens it’s nina and i’m gonna give you my study tips!!! and a bunch of life tips too i guess sdkflsfsjk
as a recent uc berkeley graduate i think i’m somewhat qualified to give you some tips and points about how i studied and tried to stay motivated and productive during college, so i hope you enjoy this video and maybe learn something new! i talked about time management, how i took notes, using a bullet journal, how i took care of my health and well-being, how i stayed motivated, etc.
this video is not the end of my advice about college! this is just one video of tips 🙂 if i think of more tips in the future, i’ll let y’all know! and if you have any tips you’d like to share, leave a comment! let’s help each other out :))
i feel like it’s been a while since i just sat down to talk with y’all and be like an older sister giving advice and tips, so this was fun to film 🙂 of course if you have any more questions, leave a comment as well! talk to each other! these were just tips i could think of at the time.
i know that some of y’all are about to graduate college or high school, or that many of y’all already finished school for the summer (or like me, for life) but i hope that this video is still helpful 😉 you can use the tips when you go back to school HAHA
also congrats to you if you graduated too!! whether it’s middle school, high school, or college, i congratulate you :”)
thanks for watching and for being here and i will see you in my next video!!
luv, neen.
stuff i mentioned!
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48 Replies to “study tips from a college graduate ;) time management, note taking, motivation”

  1. time stamps if you’re looking for smth specific:
    01:38 give yourself time to study!
    03:01 handwriting your notes
    06:30 time management (bujo)
    07:37 study music
    08:25 food and drinks
    09:47 study w friends
    10:27 ask questions
    11:17 believe in yourself (aka ninas cute motivational speech that gives me namjoon vibes. gosh i love her)

  2. when you are spanish and nina says "i guess we all know what annotating is" i was like oH FucK I dONt hAVe iDeA

    and then she says "but annotating is…" and then my face changed and i was like "thanks god"

  3. I’ve never thought about annotating my notes, I color code and all.. I’ll try to incorporate that into my study routine.🤔

  4. Thank you so much for this. I started university this October and yesterday, I wrote my first test in one of my history classes about middle age. And studying stressed me so out, I couldn't even sleep properly anymore because of anxiety. And getting some tips about managing the amount of studying (for tests, doing homework, preparing for classes, review classes,…) is really helpful to keep myself at peace right now (while late-night studying for one of my literature classes) and to motivate me to keep going. Thank you for this 🙂

  5. tips if you’re a procrastinator like me:

    1. break up the assignment of task into small pieces.
    2. Tell yourself that it’s easy or it won’t take very long.
    3. Organise before doing homework, it gets you in a productive mood. ie: filling in your planner, writing out a wish list or to do list.
    4. Listen to music that doesn’t have any lyrics or isn’t in your native language. (Basically you cant sing along or get distracted by)
    5. Clean your surroundings before starting. The less the clutter the more your mind will be clear.

    You can get through this! 💞

  6. " Grades don't define you, they define how you get things done "
    This is the most true quote I've ever read, it's just so deep and TRUE!
    It's okay, maybe it was obvious for y'all but for me it's just a new world🌏 😮😮😮😮😮 I like how it's said tho👍

  7. heyyy! i have some study tips if you guys wanna read hihi
    ♡♡♡ would really appreciate u reading them ♡♡♡

  8. finals are next week and I have to study the entire textbook and go over class notes for six subjects and i haven't studied a single chapter in any subject other than english and I'm panicking

  9. i just felt overwhelmed with life and felt i wasn't going to make it. im the first in my family to go to college. seems impossible.

  10. Does the Muji notebook with the yellow spine flatten when you unfold it? I’m trying to decide between the said notebook and the loose leaf paper they sell there, thanks a lot 🙂

  11. take care of yourself

    me : nervously gulps
    lmao i completed my finals with no break although I was sick and skipped my meds- I'm doing okay now tho, ~I trained my immune system~


  13. i'm glad this bideo popped up on my timeline. your last words left my heart filled but i can't say the same with the tears in my eyes. i feel understood.
    thanks for being an amazing person, i really look up to you.
    and i wish you the best, forever.

  14. The weird thing is, what you do is exactly what I do🙆🏽‍♀️however, I was searching for different ways to study, and when I came across your video…you gave me reassurance that I may not be doing anything wrong😂thanks man✨😂

  15. My best tip is to eat something tasty while doing your studying so that you are more motivated . At least that's what helps me :3

  16. Hey! I’m in 6th grade right now and I’m trying very hard to be a bright person,very nice and hardly mad at people.But people keep testing me and I can’t help myself. any tips?

  17. Yeah~~ college life is kind of like studying all the time, and for me, I also do the same thing that you did in college. Even though I studied really really hard, my grade hasn’t high enough that I expected to get, and I kind of like losing the way of the college life. I’m trying to figure out and get some suggestions and this video is really awesome!! I’ll do my best!! Thanks ❤️

  18. hii nina 🙂 i don’t know if you’d read this but , thank you so. freaking. much for this video. i’m really, really grateful to you for this video especially the part where you said “i believe in you. i do. i want the best for you” and “you’ll be okay, you’re going to get through this” right now i can’t rlly say how much this means to be but it really means so much and the me who gave up is getting up to try again 🙂 thank you, i love you 💜✨

  19. Real happy people don't show off because they enjoy their lives that they don't even need others to know
    They don't need everyone to get know to themselves
    …because the one they love
    are next to them

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