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17 Replies to “Summer Returns Banner In-depth Review/Analysis – Fire Emblem Heroes”

  1. i dont want to deal with red hell for right now, ill wait for helbendi to appear in L! banner; he is 90% gonna be fodder when i do.

    its unfortunate gunnthra is a horsey and not a flier/infantry, +1 is as far as ill go.

  2. I think you're definitely underselling Laegjarn a fair bit. Reinhardt may have automatic doubling built into his weapon, but Laegjarn really has speed so ridiculous to where she shouldn't ever miss a double unless Wary Fighter or something is in play (and you usually only run into that in the likes of Challenge Maps, in which case you can just slap a breaker skill on her to fix that problem and have her nuke that problem unit). Especially true if you ended up with a +Spd IV like myself (though I'd like to make her +Atk once I get her into the high merges one day). This also means that she's actually safe to take a hit on enemy phase against a lot of units if it becomes necessary, as they won't be doubling her, something Reinhardt lacks.

    I also have been running her on a Chill spectrum team with the other Laegjarns and L!Azura, and if you're REALLY paranoid about her not having the Spd to double something, all you need is for someone to have Chill Spd on your team (I have it on S!Laegjarn herself, but which Chill I put on her is irrelevant since I'm using her on a Chill spectrum team – though Chill Res is usually better on more general teams) and she will literally never not double, at least that's been my experience. I've even been able to defeat green units with good Res with her, without a scratch on her. She may not have Special Spiral spam, but she makes up for that with fast Moonbow/Luna procs with Heavy Blade, being a flier and having all of those benefits, and her having the new SS3 skill built in which synergises with her perfectly.

    I do think she is the best unit on this banner, mainly because Summer Helbindi is in a non-ideal colour and his original incarnation fills a very similar role, but has a better colour for it as a green axe unit, not to mention a pretty handy Prf weapon. Normal Helbinidi is also available as a focus right now too, and has much better pulling odds (three person banner green unit VS four person banner red unit), so unless you want R Dual Infantry as fodder, it's hard to justify pulling for the Summer variant over the original Helbindi unless you love the character.

  3. I want to add I really hate them adding Duel skills to seasonal unit. I missed out on green flying for Reyson and pretty upset about it. I've been thinking about 5*+10'ing OG Olivia. Not knowing what her weapon refine is going to be sucks though, cause if it's not a good support weapon I am not doing it. Then if I don't get R.Duel Infantry it's a turn off too. >_<

  4. I greatly missed how good Helbindi's stats were at first, he's very unique and pretty broken lol Shame about Gunnthra but at least the new years one was good and you managed a +10 on her 😀

  5. Oof. I feel you on Gunnthrá. Literally the only things I really liked about her were the voiced lines, and Disarm Trap (though she doesn't have the attack for a good hit and run strategy either).

    Laevatein is nice, but I'm satisfied with Spring Camilla. I find +speed on the latter (which I have) to be more workable with blade tomes, and the difference in physical bulk nor attack aren't big enough for me to care.

    If I was only thinking about blade tome sets I would rather have Summer Camilla's bulk over Laegjarn, but as you said, the latter is more flexible.

    First sword unit I actually thought of when remembering Helbindi's statline was actually Hrid funnily enough.

    Anyway, I was not looking forward to Summer Gunnthrá so soon (I really like her myself) by the time the leaks came out. After what we got, I just felt much worse about what we got. Press F to pay respects.

  6. Feel sorry for wanted Summer Gunnthra to +10 cause of the dagger cavalry unit. Oh by the way I have a twitch account that by the name of Joel0995. I got one question for you do you think that we will get a brave dagger unit down the line

  7. I honestly didn't even care for this banner, all it showed me was that IS will depend on it's OCs when they are not using Awakeing/Fates alts (I don't even mind Gunnthra and Helbindi and IS ruined Laegyarn for me).

    On the thing with Reinhardt, if the last few blue mage characters that we are still missing don't come with something unique to them, then Reinhardt will stay in the same spot he's been since day 1. Honestly, I don't see IS giving something unique to ones we are still missing since most of them are older characters (so get ready to see most of them look underwhelming, sadly).

    Gonna give a list to the ones I think will show up as a blue mage:

    Mystery of the Emblem – Arlen
    Genealogy – Tine
    Sacred Stones – Ewan
    PoR/RD – Ilyana
    Fates – Orochi, Hayato

    This is the list for all the mages we still missing:

    Mystery of the Emblem – Jubelo, Arlen, Etzel
    SoV – Luthier, maybe Atlas
    Geneology – Arthur, Tine, Azelle, Ced
    Thracia – Asbel, Miranda, Ced
    Binding Blade – Hugh, Niime
    Blazing Blade – Erk
    Sacred Stones – Ewan
    PoR/RD – Ilyana, Tormod, Calill
    Awakening – Miriel, Laurent, Ricken
    Fates – Hayato, Orochi

    Some of these we might never see, ever. With the pace IS is going and how some of these characters are voted so low in CYL, whenever the older games get a banner some of these characters will be left behind for exchange of the more higher voted characters.

    For who I think might come with maybe something unique, Ilyana/Calill could come with the Rex tomes which can have the "strong against beasts" effect, Ewan having high stats because being a trainee unit like Amelia, Ced having a stronger Forseti & Asbel bringing the Grafcaliber tome, and Niime bringing the Apocalypse tome.

    All in all, some of our future mages who are not alts might look a bit underwhelming, sorry for being a bit negative.

  8. I would have put Hinata on the comparison with Helbindi. I think he's the closest comparison to him. There's not too many slow infantry unit.

  9. Well while I don't like these units getting alts besides Helbindi I'm glad you got one of your favourites even if Gunnthrá is bad.

    Speaking of her, she's just a better Summer Linde and honestly I don't see Linde too often so it's only a slight improvement, plus Gunnthrá's kit is worse so you have to replace everything. In the future I'd like more Dagger Cav's but I'd prefer they be different.

    Laevatein is pretty good but not incredible, she is kinda versatile though since she can run Raven, Blade and at +Res makes a pretty decent flying Serpent Tome unit. She's more suited for enemy phase which is weird considering the other two Laevatein's being great on player phase too.

    Laegjarn is pretty good being a better Summer Camilla but like you said every Blue Tome always seems to have the shadow of Reinhardt hanging over them, Laegjarn isn't bad in any way and of course has her own niche but if using her as Bladetome and you already have Corrin or Camilla which I have then it's more just a slight improvement, with her Tome though she's still good.

    Well colour me surprised with Helbindi (off topic but I actually have a +Def base Helbindi, he can run this set too I imagine?) I wasn't in the camp saying he's bad but I didn't expect he'd be that good, if I've got the orbs I may even go for him, that enemy phase is no joke.

  10. I would really like r duel infantry for my Eirika, but I have to skip, maybe I'll get it on a legendary banner in the future.

  11. Banner is full of fun units they made them unique enough I guess; however, I do wish they Gunnthra and Helbindi had skills that actually mattered for the whole game.
    Waiting to see what the legendary banner will yield as well as the next summer banner(got a feeling it'll have Sharena in there) before I summon. Not to mention Ike will be returning on a 4% banner.

  12. You should make a video of your top 5 "stupid" heroes. Would this Helbindi be top 5? I wasn't going to pull, but might now. I remember a while ago someone took on my AR defense with a merged normal Helbindi with Corrin, DC, and Null C Disrupt and just tanked my whole team. Since that day I never underestimated the man.

  13. Of course helbindi is best boi but "HuRr DuRr He'S fOdDeR"

    Also remember when units had almost optimal kits? Lul

  14. I never wrote off Helbindi. He’s really strong as you showed. He’s an under appreciated unit mainly due to class and not having the generally accepted fast stat benchmarks.

    The others are okay, but not too over the top.

    I’ll come back to the banner for Helbindi and maybe the others, but I have original Laegjarn, Helbindi, and Ylgr as Tempest trial bonus units.

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