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43 Replies to “The Birth of InuYasha – Full Scene”

  1. I just noticed the tattoos/markings underneath Togas eyes match the ones that Inuyasha gets when he transforms into a Full demon albeit, Inuyasha's are red while Toga's are blue.

  2. I think I've watched these four InuYasha movies for like 5 times now. I love the series so much, as well as the films. Perfection.
    Anyway, in case some of you are looking for the best anime recommendations, you can see if this list fits your preference:

  3. The pronunciation of these Japanese names are a bit butchered. For example, the stress in Izayoi should be on the first syllable not the second (EE—za—yoi).

  4. Inuyasha: shows the birth of Inuyasha very sad and seriously


  5. well that's really heartbreaking :(, but I really wanna know their story, how did they meet? How did they fall in love?

  6. Omg dude if you loved Inuyasha’s mother then you should never tried to kill her while she’s giving birth to her son Inuyasha I’m so glad that the great dog demon/Inuyasha’s father did not only bring Inuyasha’s mother back to life so Inuyasha could have a mother in his life but it was also satisfying to see that he cut off the other guy’s arm off. Oh my goodness baby Inuyasha is so cute and adorable with his little doggie ears.

  7. Thank goodness she was able to push him out and cradle him in her arms before she died. Would've been horrible had Inuyasha stayed inside the womb.

  8. This will forever be my number one anime that i hold dear in my heart! Inuyasha and Sailor moon lol I watched these animes when I was still a child and I remember watching inuyasha on adult swim bruh!

  9. Inuyasha dad don't die because of protecting theme he die in a fight that he was having with someone that was when kikio hit Inuyasha I think I am not sure

  10. Kinda off topic but I see why Sesshomaru is so hot cuz he got it from his dad
    😂 Inuyasha has a face of his mom he’s cute 😍😂

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