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35 Replies to “The Grand Tour | Honda NSX Review by James May #Honda”

  1. While I still think that this doesn't deserve the name "NSX", seeing it in action has changed my opinion of it, this seems like a proper fun car.

  2. James is sensible, meticulous and intelligent, and that shows in the way he does his reviews. Clarkson on the other hand is like big kid, passionate, his opinions are based on how he feels, not by a stat sheet or the technical stuff. While Hammond is kinda between the 2 extremes, that's why I think they compliment each other so much. Put the 3 together I think they can even make thermonuclear astrophysics interesting.

  3. Honda does actually mention its 0-60 time. On Acura's site it shows it as 2.7 seconds, presumably at sea level, which would make sense. 🙂

  4. tesla roadster 2.0 will do 0-60 < 2 sec. There will not be a car much faster than that ever for that. so the next measure may as well move to 60-180 times.

  5. I like the new NSX too, so much so I wanted to buy one. Unfortunately they are not sold in my country ( Spain ) not only that but according to Honda – Spain, there are no mechanics in the country trained to do the servicing. Any wonder the new NSX isn't selling well?

  6. Acura won AGAIN at Belle Isle to make it is second back-to-back 1st place finish for the season in the IMSA WeatherTech series GTD class and is beating all the other supercars AGAIN in real life track racing where it is in its rightful #1 position!!! 🏁🇯🇵😁

  7. I own a 95 and test drove a new one at the Honda testing facility in Mojave desert. We were allowed to take the new nsx to its extremes on numerous different tracks..The car is amazing and if I were to buy a new super car I would absolutely consider it and probably buy it over the competition..If it came with a Manuel 6…Until then I’ll stick with the purple 95….

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