The Kurds between conflict and democracy | DW Documentary

What will happen next to the Kurds in northern Syria? All of the parties to the conflict – the Americans, Assad’s regime, Russia, Iran and Turkey, Kurds – have their own agendas for the war-torn region. But what do the Kurds themselves think about their future?

On 31 March 2019, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), supported by the USA, liberated the last bastion of the so-called “Islamic State.” After years of bloody clashes, the Kurds and their Arab and Assyrian allies had won a decisive military victory over the IS. But what comes next in the Kurdish region in northern Syria? What political and social developments are the Kurds aiming for there? Will threats from Turkey and the ongoing confrontation with the Syrian regime force them to relinquish the gains they made in the bloody war against IS? A team of reporters went to Rojava – the name the Kurds have given their northern Syrian enclave – to find out for themselves. The report looks at various aspects of the social and political experiment that they began years ago, which they now want to advance again. The trip to Rojava also reunited the reporters with places and people that they had encountered during the war.


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46 Replies to “The Kurds between conflict and democracy | DW Documentary”

  1. Only %10 of Eastern Syria where they want to set up a Kurdistan are actually Kurds. The US wants to set up a Kurdistan for minority Kurds at the expense of the wast majority Arab, Turkmen and others in Syria by using PKK/YPG terror group. The YPG is the Syrian branch of the PKK. The PKK is an internationally designated terror organization with a history of suicide bombings, drug trafficking, mass killings of civilians including teachers, doctors, and children. The YPG Syrian branch of the PKK has abducted thousands of children to fight in their ranks. They have no regard for human rights or international law. The PKK/YPG is a brutal terror group just like ISIS and the others. There are 20 Kurd migrants live in the Turkish cities for every Kurd that lives in Syria. The Western backing for the PKK/YPG terror group in Syria and calling the terror group ''Kurds'' will only serve to alienate 15 million Kurd migrants living in the Turkish cities. Arming and training the PKK/YPG terrorists and calling them ''Kurds'' is the biggest injustice that could be done for the Kurdish minorities living in the neighboring countries. The wast majority of the Kurds do not support the Marxist ideology of the PKK/YPG terror group. Arming the YPG/PKK and calling it ''Supporting the Kurds'' is like arming the ETA terrorists and calling it ''Support for the Catalonians'' The supporters of the PKK/YPG terrorists shouldn't cry out when those countries who are hurt by the PKK/YPG terror attacks start to arm and train and financially support terror groups in the EU and the US.

  2. Someones should teach people to create their own parts, 3D Printing. small towns/cities could use these 3D printers to create a complete back up of supplies. That might help to cut out the supply chains…. feeding these wars.

  3. Who is armenians.For me not country.They are one national and Terrörists 🙂💝
    Don't believe fake informations
    armenia was Kharabakh and one part of Azerbaijan
    Khojaly Genocide was against Azerbaijan people:🤬
    İt is reality and that's proof:
    But Turkey ist against real Terrörists

  4. Why is Turkey still a NATO member? For their money? They funded IS and Extremists!!! If we keep trusting them, they will stab us in the back.

  5. Say what you will about the kurds, decades of war with virtually every tyrants in the middle east did not turn them into extremists like ISIS, that counts for something. They are good people.

  6. Kurds want a true democracy in the middle east and everyone hates them for it, because it will ruin their own tyranny and dictatorship.

  7. the UN should start doing something against the decades long genocide perpetrated on the Kurds in Iraq, Syria, and other places..Kurdistan deserves to exist!!!

  8. ME might be more stable if Kurds had a state. The Sikes Picot agreement put so many ethnic groups in conflict. Iraq might be more stable if Kurds in Iraq and Syria had their separate state. UN would have to monitor to prevent Turkey from attacking them for a while. If Kurds stopped terrorism for long enough, Turkey might ultimately accept Kurdish state. Kurds are only group accepting Western democratic values. Perhaps they accept them mostly to achieve autonomy, but that process is not much different than other democratic movements.

  9. Do you have any info of the wellbeing of the local people in this documentary? I hope they are well and strong to survive the recent assault . Please put up another documentary about what is happening at the moment. Thanks for your work!

  10. Finally, people are going to believe the Kurds when they have been saying ALL this time, Turkey has been supporting ISIS. The leader of ISIS was found in a Turkish controlled region of Nothern Syria, there is NO way he was there without the Turks knowing, meaning he was probably being protected by the Turks. The evidence is clear as day. F*ck the Turkish Terrorist Government.

  11. If you choose to stay and fight at least choose the right side now which is Iran and Russia. At least that way you won't be deceived any more and there will be more hope for you💖💓💖💓💖

  12. Turkey was allowing the passage of oil from IS controlled refineries. The Ottoman Empire killed millions of Armenians. Turkey is now buying weapons from Russia. Turkey is now the real enemy hiding in plain sight. It has no business now being part of NATO or the EU.

  13. Thank you for this documentary!
    I am a kurd from Rojhelat (east Kurdistan).
    Seeing this documentary I feel endless pride for my fellow Kurds in Rojawa.

  14. The promotion of democracy is an act of terrorism against the U.S.
    Be advised, Youtube hosts Russian Television , an act of war against the U.S.

  15. Kurds …one amongst the lost Tribes (Original israelites) the original Hebrews that was destroyed & displaced from their Original Home Land by the Roman Empire …. Time is near to unite the True Bloods from Africa, Indies, FarEast(asia) etc…

  16. they are muslim theh will not stop untill last breath.. only one thing can stop muslim that is money ..therefore arabic ppl now sleeping becoz now they have money..

  17. Stop lying to american people. The kurds never fight against ISIS, the kurds and ISIS fight together against the Syrian government. These are mercenaries who fight for money. They get either side to get money. It is time to leave syria alone. The syrian government doesn't want those people there. You say that the syrian government made a deal with them to have them there, is syria really going to make a deal people who were fighting against the government.

  18. Israel is the most progressive democracy in the Mid East, and the Kurds are the second. It's time for a separate Kurdistan. Erdogan needs to live with this fact. Turkey wants to create a corridor between Turkey and the Kurds so ISIS can sneak back into Syria. While Turkey actively supported ISIS, the Kurds actively fought them and paid a heavy price. The US was a key ally, now they've abandoned the Kurds. This is a betrayal beyond imagination, and I hope the Kurds accept Israel's and Russia's offer of help. Long live the Kurds.

  19. Freedom fighters?! Yeah right! YPG Offshoots of the PKK terrorist organization! Marxist leninist communists talks about other Muslims very funny?!!

  20. Heartbreaking to watch this, to see all that the Kurds and the people of Rojava had accomplished since the defeat of ISIS, and now in the last 2 weeks to have seen their betrayal by the US and the Turkish invasion.
    How long until the people in this video will again have to flee their homes or fight for their lives? How many have already died?

    Solidarity with the Kurds and the people of Rojava, serkeftin!

  21. 7:22 What a big fat lie! Cutting heads in Islam is a tradition. Don't you remember how Hussain (grandson of Muhammed) was beheaded during the Battle of Karbala? Who are these people? Haven't they been to a Masjid during Ramadan? Why do Shia hit themselves with chains for a month ? It is for the beheading of Hussain and his men!

  22. In order for the Kurds to survive they must become United . The pkk must stop all terrorist activities and start acting as a legitimate army. A new Kurdistan would be a great move toward the future. P.S. The Maoist concepts only work during war and conflict. Communism doesn't work!

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